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A rockin party!!

Last Friday was Matt's birthday, and we had a party at his house. Now... I had to show up late because the rump monger I work for made me work till like 11pm. But im glad that it didnt last until like 1am like i thought it would.

But it was freakin awesome!!!

I gotta borrow Matt's Megaherz CD so i can copy some of it. Its got good songs on it that I dont have!

There was a little drinking there... but nothing serious happened... And me being a good boy didnt have much.

However poor ernie got trashed and had to sit the night out... 12 smirnoff ice's will do that to ya.... @_@ Im suprised he didnt pass out.

Ah now after a wonderful 4 day weekend, It is again time to get up early and go to school... >.< I hate when this happens... I just might have to go to school a little late tomorrow :)

Marisa went to NJ for thanksgiving to visit her grandparents. I hope she had a good time! Road trips suck unless you are driving.... Heh heh... MJ went to NJ...  That rhymes :-p *misses her*