I love wintertime... and I love snow...

But NOT when it makes me not be able to go out!

I was looking forward to a nice date... ya know... dinner and skating or something fun... Id be happy if it was just a movie at my place and then thats all.. I can understand why she didnt want to go out tonight... I really can. Its just... Ive barely seen her in 2 weeks and I really miss her.

But thats just me being selfish.. so Im going to shut up now.

Ive shoveled my driveway twice today... I enjoy driving in snow too... Its a nice challenge... a little something different from your typical on road experience. I really wish that it had snowed tomorrow, or yestarday... that would have been ideal, cuz then I could have missed work or something equally mundane. Or monday... no school *snicker*

I was able to talk a dude in a plow truck to help me drag my driveway empty, so that was a nice lucky break I got today. Except I forgot that when you do that the top layer freezes solid and makes the driveway an ice rink... Oh well... At least its empty fo the next 3 hours... then Ill have to hit it again. Thats ok... good exercise.

I guess ill talk to you another time then..