6 degrees of Friends
Everyone on this page is linked to one another (unlike the other page where they were COMPLETE AND TOTAL STRANGERS! I'm just having some fun here, don't laugh
Jake The ex - the friend - to no end..  Jake and Austin are cousins
Born in Canada (accidentally) twin of Haley
Lived in Milwaukee, moved to Australia, came back to the US to go to college.  Harvard no doubt.  Jerkass.

Dated Jackie
Jackie We've been friends since computers were just rocks tied together with string.  I met alot of online people through a BBS we were on together.  Like Leigh
Haley I'd describe her but I already did that for Austin, and it's basically the same, cept she now attends UCLA with her boyfriend Farmer William.
But when they lived in milwaukee, She dated Chuck & went to HS with Jimmy.
Leigh She gives a new name to those who are special.  She'll make you laugh with her 'sexy' Russian.. or is it Jamaican accent.. I forget.  Anways, I think she's in a mail order bride catalog, so look her up some time!  Another 'special' friend from online is Linda
Shamus or Jimmy or sometimes Shimmy Went to Pulaski HS with Aus, Haley, & Chuck.  Currently attends UW-Parkside.  He used to always play hockey with Chuck.
Chuck (with sister Angela)  
He's probably my closest friend far away, since he attends Berklee in Boston.  He lives with Austin, who also happens to be his best friend.  Recently doctors found he has a brain tumor and he is currently recovering from surgery.  He is such a talented musician and he's one of the most caring people I have met in my life time.  He also has an ass that won't quit.  Everyone should tell
him that.  He's Italian so he has like.. 84 brothers and sisters.  In February, his guitarist moves to boston to start playing together again.
DAVE We went to school together and somehow I introduced Chuck and Dave and they just clicked.  I think it all happened cause they were both complaining about not plaing music.  But who doesn't?  Music is Beautiful.
Linda Through a friend Through a friend, through another friend, I met Linda.  Here she is being white trash. Or maybe she is white trash and she just happens to be playing with garbage.  One of those..
Salvatore Chuck's youngest brother.  He's awesome, he's 15, he's already in college.  Sometimes I'd like to kick him.  Hard.
I thought this would be a fun page, but it just took too much of my time and now i'm exhausted...  I hope I don't drop the baby.