My friend Mike will seriously cry if you don't visit his website.  It's starting to get ridiculous and annoying.  So please, visit
Mike's Homepage.

My favorite, and the best band in the world -
Weezer - You will love the Weezer.  Become one with them.

Another awesome band is
Ozma.  They come from earth.. more specifically the LA area.  I call them Mini-Weez, but not to their faces.

The Absolute Best Buffy the Vampire Slayer website!!  Go there.  Love it

Which CareBear are you?

Which carbonated beverage are you?

Here's another pointless quiz  Oh.. so evil.  Yet so rewarding.
DrivenByBoredom - Lots of complaining, weird pictures, great links that I'll forget to put up here... I hope it's still a website..

Mullets!!!!  There is no more to say about that.

When they say
UGLY, they mean UGLY.. this could be the reason Mike started crying in the first place.

Jay Donaldson is one of the coolest guys on the planet, I think he has his own CDs now. Rich Lucky Bastard

Where do you think I learned to talk so much crap? 
Right here baby

Ever feel like looking at hundreds of pictures of people and judging if they're
Hot or Not? Now you can!

This one is a childhood favorite.  Remember
Tikki Tikki Tembo?  Oh.. you'll love it


Find out which band you are!