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If you want to borrow my concert pics, go ahead, just give credit where credit is due.  Don't let me catch you stealing!  Credit is due to Me - Erika - RevengeIsSweetandSoAreYou ~ At ~ yahoo.com
If you post these pictures on your website, please let me know.  Also, these pictures aren't at their highest resolution, I made them smaller for the site.  If you'd like these pictures full sized and high resolution, or any other pictures i have (more of weezer, ozma, blink 182, new found glory, alkaline trio) just ask.  ~ Erika
Awesome pictures of Brian rockin' out during the Yahoo Outloud Tour.  This was at The Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI.  I want to apologize to Weezer, the get up kids, and Ozma for playing there instead of somewhere withOUT a craptacular echo.
Look Mom! I found a treasure!
Jennifer is so cool, and most importantly honest and nice! "I don't even like their music"
Pat looks like he may be searching for something with his drumstick...

Ask his wife - That's me and her in Sept 2000 at another Weezer show (that's the skateboard I painted for them and they signed.. *YAY*)
Remember when they were just your band?
Holy crap, we're huge..
Yeah, it feels good to be a rockstar again...
Heh Heh, Yeah..
What more could we want?
A note to Weezer - (Cause ya know, they often come to my site)

Whether the critics thought you were good or bad doesn't matter to the fans that have loved every 3 and 4 chord simple love song you guys play.  Your songs brings a warmth to my heart that no one can touch.  Don't let the critics get you down, just play and have fun.

I love you guys.
Ya know... i could easily just slip right into this compartment... and.. hehehe
This is the skateboard I painted and all of them eventually signed it, Including Karl and Atom!  Props goes to the Tour Bus Driver who handled the bus very well and kept my boys safe.  Even when there was a tire blow out.  Good job!
Karl Koch!! 
Oh god.. Mikey, where are you?  Your beats kept me sane!  Please come back!
I thought this was cool.  Everyone else in the dark and a small blue light coming down on Pat.
This is my favorite
Look at em now
I like this pic a lot.  Thanks for getting in the way of the shot kid.. it looks badass now!
Rivers seems pretty quiet and content, so I'll let the pictures do the talking, he'd probably want it that way.
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