The mission of Church of the Painted Sky is to help people from all walks of life find their place in God's family. Our motto is that in Christ, there is no prejudice or discrimination.

We realize that our neighbors are not just he members of our church; they are not just in our community, they are not even Just Christians. When Jesus instructed us to love our neighbor, He meant that we should love everyone as we love ourselves. We realize that there is to be only one judge; God our Creator. We, as Christians are called neither to judge, nor to be the jury, but rather as witnesses to what our Lord has done in our lives.

Church of the Painted Sky seeks to reach out to and include many different communities that many Christian churches have sadly overlooked. Among the brothers and sisters in our community are those who are physically and mentally disabled, members of the GLBT community, men and women who have been through a divorce, single parents as well as people of all different racial backgrounds. We strive toward racial reconciliation, especially among minority groups.

We are not Protestant, nor Catholic, but rather interdenominational. Our focus is not on the things that separate Christians from one another, but rather on the things that unite us. We hope to spread acceptance, love and unity to our surrounding communities and throughout the world.