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1. The Rejection Proof Revolution!
Subtitle: "The Powerful Hypnosis Program for Salespeople, Networkers, Partygoers or
ANYONE who wishes to obliterate fear of THE APPROACH."

This is for you if you are in an MultiLevel or Network Marketing Business, have a fear of speaking to people in general, are a professional salesperson for a living or want to boost your confidence in approaching anyone you might meet in public or even at a party.
This is a professionally done CD, complete with 6 unique tracks. As a special treat, Terril Starks plays his double redwood Native American flute for you, to get you relaxed and in the right mental state to get the best possible benefits from your own hypnosis session.

*On Sale: Only $24.95 NOW!

*This price will go up soon when we release this to the general public and will be available on:


At that time, the cost will be $29.95 from us directly and $34.95 from those above-mentioned websites.

So get it while it's HOT!!!

Please note that we charge $120 dollars per session to see us in our private practice. This CD will last for years and is a wonderful bargain that can help you in any profession in which you deal with the public.
In less than one hour per week, this powerful hypnosis CD can change your life in as little as 3-6 weeks!
A more than $700 dollar value!

Afraid of hypnosis? Want to know more about it before you try it?

See our published article** on Hypnosis here: Top Ten Myths of Hypnosis
**Please note that this link will take you to another website and our "information" at the bottom is no longer valid. This article was published in London, England around 10 years ago and subsequently has been reprinted throughout the world from the United States to India and back again!

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