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  I have put Songs of Praise that I have been singing in my ministry on MP3.com.  These I have been singing for years and I have placed them on mp3.com and on this site I will explain some of the songs.  After you listen to each explanation please go to mp3.com/reverendjack  and listen to that song so that you will understand the meanings to words that I am singing so that you may be more filled with the Spirit.

I have placed only 4 explanations on this site due to space requirements, but I have a CD that contains explanations of the first 29 Songs of Praise that appear on www.mp3.com/reverendjack. If you wish a copy of the CD, email me a request and I will send you a copy.


Reverend Jack Maxey

P. O. Box 38

Sibley, LA 71073


Please Email me at reverendjackmaxey@yahoo.com

Reverend Jack and Mom


Explanation of Lift Jesus Higher<<>> Lift Jesus Higher as sung by Reverend Jack

Explanation of Abiding in the Vine<<>> Abiding in the Vine as sung by Reverend Jack

Explanation of His Name is Jesus<<>> His Name is Jesus as sung by Reverend Jack

Explanation of Therefore the Redeemed<<>> Therefore the Redeemed as sung by Reverend Jack

Click here to go to my MP3.COM site where I have more Songs Of Praise

Some of my Bluegrass bands can be found by clicking on the following links:

Bud and Jack at the truck stop in Dubberly