Reverend's Rants
Game Five Hero, Scott Brosius
If the shoe fits.....put it on.
        While the Gods of baseball have blessed us with the departure of Steve Lyons for the season, they still have yet to do anything about Tim McCarver. In Saturday’s game the Mariners had the bases loaded with 2 outs and Bret Boone blooped a 2-run single to left that Chuck Knoblauch nearly came up with but it popped out of his glove as he hit the ground. On that play, Mark McLemore (AKA Mack MarkLemore) was on first and apparently slowed down between 2nd and 3rd before reaching third just ahead of the throw to put runners on the corners.
         The great Tim McCarver “observed” that McLemore must have forgotten how many outs there were since he slowed down on his way to 3rd. Tim, are you sure you used to play this game? If McLemore didn’t know how many outs there were, why the hell would he have run full speed to second and halfway to third on a short pop to left? He wouldn’t. He knew full well there were two outs. He slowed up because he didn’t know if the throw was going home or third. Most likely he realized he’d gone too far so he better keep going so he slid safely into third. And despite what “the best mind in baseball” thought, McLemore had absolutely no chance of scoring on that play.
         Y’know what’s great about McCarver? When ever he’s asked by a broadcasting colleague why he hasn’t been asked to manage a big league club like so many other former player’broadcasters, he always says, “Because they know I wouldn’t do it. I love the job I have.” Hey Tim, how about, they know you COULDN'T do it.
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