Nothing says quality gaming like strippers. Upon learning of Stripperella I immediately thought this is perhaps the greatest game idea ever!

Stripperella is a new cartoon on TNN apparently created by Stan Lee and voiced by Pam Anderson. Stripperella is a stripper (duh) and also a superhero. Like all good superheroes she has a dual persona. In stripper mode she's known as Erotica Jones, but when her bellybutton ring vibrates things get serious and then it's the Stripperella thing I talked about up there.

I guess it's a good show, I don't know. I haven't had cable for like 3 years. But anyway about the game. The Stripperella game is a java or flash or some crap that works in your browser which is really cool. The main point is that it has strippers! Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any nudity. This was a major downer for me.

Maybe there is nudity and I just didn't get that far or something (I hope so). What it does have is a bunch of poles. Strippers are all about poles and here you have to jump from pole to pole while dodging falling bottles and high heeled boots and crap or Stripperella fall down and go boom.

At the the top of all these poles and platforms is this evil four or six armed witch lady person who is evil and you must stop her. The bitch has even imprisoned one of your stripper buddies in a sexy go-go cage where she undulates wildly, obviously in a sexy anguish. Unfortunately she's not anguished enough to be naked.

So up the poles you go dodging stuff. Like all good strippers you gotta collect money too. This is your score. Most of the high scores are like in the six digit range. I got up to 1000 before I stopped playing however. I guess I'm not cut out for that line of work.

The game also is about strippers if you missed that part before. Go play it now.

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