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About The Site

Through a wholly unintentional,and yet exceedingly topical stroke of chance,I decided this year to pick up my father's copy of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited and better myself through reading it. I expected a bit of a plough, complete with some pro-Catholic moralising and a dismal ending. In the dismal ending only was my prediction correct.

Brideshead is a work of genius from a man who understood people and understood the world. The first two sections delighted me entirely, being about a) Oxford University and b) heroic love, both of which are subjects close to my heart. The quaint, 1920s Oxford scenes, complete with ducking the local queen into 'Mercury', the fountain, and drinking in the quad, enchanted me entirely.

And when I am enchanted I make a website, as my friends will testify.

Et in Arcadia Ego. Sebastian Contra Mundum.

Have a look around, and try not to be ensnared by my infectious enthusiasm.

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