The Site:
This site was created to promote the resurrection of the dead.

As a tool to re-introduce you to the ideals and lifestyles that can set your mind and other living things free.

Veganism (animal liberation), Environmentalism (earth liberation), Militantly Intervening (direct action), Straight Edge (freeing yourself from society's lies and poisons), Feminism (gender liberation and bringing the natural strength of womyn that has been stolen.

Bringing it back) and D.I.Y. (doing things yourself, and bringing yourself back to you)

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"Fire of life distribution is about community. A community that encompasses all of creation, a tree with roots that spreads across the entire universe. It is about laws that spread across more then sacred scriptures; it is about inviolable aspects that we (all of life) must follow, otherwise facing certain death. It is about harmony with in this community, it is about understanding differences (religion, race, ideology) and its place in the order of life. It is about every single day of my and your life and living with all that is creation."
[there are also straight edge/animal liberation shirts for sale that my life partner and his friend have made and there are some really intense writings]

Manticore Distro
"Manticore intends to offer the lowest prices on music available with a virety of hard to find musical groups from all over the world. Manticore Dist. Is based around the distribution of music with a political or spiritual nature and in future orders intends to obtain hip-hop, hardcore, metal, and independent rock that represents the ideals behind Manticore."
[my life partner and i now run this together. Right now we're stocking up on more stuff, but there are still some good tunes in the distro. There is a list of stuff that we currently have on the site, and if you are interesting in something else, you can request it.]

Earth First
"Earth First! was founded in 1979 in response to a lethargic, compromising, and increasingly corporate environmental community. Earth First! takes a decidedly different tack towards environmental issues. We believe in using all the tools in the tool box, ranging from grassroots organizing and involvement in the legal process to civil disobedience and monkeywrenching."
[wonderful militant environmentalist/vegan website. I beleieve Rod Coronado runs this along with others.]

No Compromise
"No Compromise is dedicated to unifying the grassroots animal liberationists by providing a forum where activists can exchange information, share strategy, discuss important issues within the movement, network with each other in an open and respectful environment and strengthen the grassroots."
[awesome militant vegan website/group dedicated to direct animal liberation]

Messiah Communications
A Website including information regarding different struggles and issues. A forum that has active discussions and also carries music and different things. "Everyday humans and animals are being oppressed and murdered, everyday the earth is bleeding more and more dry, everyday like another day. We can no longer stand aside while our brothers and sisters ( human and non-human - born or unborn ) killed and oppressed by this huge death machine. We can no longer tolerate the wicked paths of racism, fascism, speceism, sexism, environmental destruction, materialism and social injustice. Because of this, we founded MESSIAH COMMUNICATION as a means to express our idea of total liberation. We know that we are just a spark, alone we are nothing. We believe that spirituality and our faith in the Most High will bring change. This is our foundation for the unity of ALL struggles of liberation."

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