Season is complete. Congrats go to Glory of Motherland and Chickens XIb for being the champions in the first two seasons. Either email me at message EPL) or go to Click here and go to old web page and sign the guest book.
If you would like to join the league for next season
FINAL!!! Chicken XIb LOST Glory to the Motherland

3RD PLACE MATCH Tyler Arsenal Revolution BEAT Boot Room Boys
Final Four(Semifinals) 2 Legs since there is time. Tyler Arsenal Revolution 84.58 Vs Glory to the Motherland 86.44 Chicken XIb 156.84 Vs Boot Room Boys 111.83 Should there be a tie, goals scored will be the tie breaker.
Elite 8(3rd Round) Qualifiers The Fighters(Manchester United & Arsenal)187.52 BEAT Any Idea? 142 Muffin lovers 150.66 LOST Big Talkers 209.69
Results The Fighters(Manchester United & Arsenal) 140.77 BEAT The As 57.34 Muffin Lovers 124.7 LOST IS 132.28 The Rebels 100.54 LOST Any Idea? 112.47 No Comment 94.8 LOST Big Talkers 119.45

2nd Round pairings The Fighters(Manchester United & Arsenal) 140.77 Chicken 68.06 Tyler Arsenal Revolution 72.65

Muffin Lovers 124.7 Princess 39.05 Spuds 85.65

The Rebels 100.54 Playaz 53.46 Khalilyo United (Bahrain) 47.08

No Comment 94.8 Newcastle 51.73 Bearcats 43.07

Big Talkers 119.45 Boot Room Boys 42.63 Glory 76.82

Any Idea? 112.47 Baltimore Bays 34.41 Dripci 78.06

IS 132.28 Ich Will United 33.35 Smile 97.28

The As 57.34 McAllen 35.30 Anoraks Army 22.04
GAME SCHEDULE The fighters VS. The As The muffin Lovers VS. IS The Rebels VS. Any Idea? No Comment VS. Big Talkers
2nd Round Qualifiers

Group A Glory Chicken

Group B Smile Princess

Group C Tyler Arsenal Revolution Playaz

Group D McAllen Bearcats

Group E Boot Room Boys Ich Will United

Group F Baltimore Bays Dripci

The Four At large Bids Khalilyo United (Bahrain) Spuds Newcastle Anoraks Army
Group A W L D GF GA Pts GD 1-2-0-6-8-3(-2) SPUDS(4) 2-0-1-10-4-7(6) Glory to the Motherland(2) 1-2-1-7-12-4(-5) Anoraks Army(3) 1-1-1-12-8-4(4) Chicken XIb(1) 1-1-1-9-9-4(0) Pludge(5)

Group B W L D GF GA Pts GD 1-1-1-8-8-4(0) Newcastle United FC(1) 1-0-2-7-5-5(2) Princess(2) 2-0-2-12-6-8(6) Smile Always(3) 1-2-0-6-7-3(-1) JA17(4) 0-2-1-5-10-1(-5) Knights FC(5)

Group C W L D GF GA Pts GD 2-1-1-12-4-7(8) Playaz United(3) 2-0-1-10-2-7(8) Tyler Revolution(1) 0-2-1-2-5-1(-3) Da Kingz(2) 1-2-0-4-10-3(-6) The Winner(4) 1-1-1-7-5-3(2) Hammersmith Odeons(5)

Group D W L D GF GA Pts GD 2-0-1-7-4-7(3) McAllen Knights(2) 1-2-0-8-7-3(1) Championes 2 v. Marko 1(1) 2-1-0-9-4-6(5) Bearcats(4) 2-2-0-12-8-6(4) Grand High Aviators Of Cool(3) 0-2-1-7-9-1(-2) Mickey Ba's Team(5)

Group E W L D GF GA Pts GD 2-0-1-13-3-7(10) Boot Room Boys(1) 0-1-2-2-8-2(-6) Zeljeznicar(2) 1-2-1-7-8-4(-1) Khalilyo United (Bahrain)(3) 2-1-0-7-7-6(0) Ich Will United(4) 1-2-0-14-4-3(10) Caspian Bandits(5)

Group F W L D GF GA Pts GD 3-0-0-11-6-9(5) Baltimore Bays(1) 3-0-0-10-4-9(6) Dripci(4) 0-3-1-9-12-1(-3) Rogue Knight(3) 0-3-0-2-6-0(-4) FC HWA(2) 1-1-1-10-8-1(2) Sir ferguson(5)
The number to the right of your name indicates which team you are.