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I think interest is the thought of mind- that comes at the bottom of heart. Every has their own interest. At the below age, 15 of my, I was very interested and committed and worked hard playing football. We were around 12 total friends almost all below of 15, in a small ground just five minutes south to our small village, used to play all the day, sometimes, no care of heavy raining. We used to enjoy and take comfort while it was heavy raining. 

I broke my hand playing football, when my friend badly tackled me that I was forwarding the football. I have a warm remembrance of the black day and is the most serious day of my life, I had to forget football for ever. My mother became very sad, especially of the breakage of my left hand, She would had thought that I missed my left had for ever. However still I have a great interest and wish to see football tournaments and matches. I can not remain apart from looking football games. Initially I was very different with cricket, but when I joined college, I met there Lokendra, one of my good friends, brought me to cricket world. He helped me in knowing cricket.  

Beside these my best field of interest is now computing, especially in the field if web and it's services. I would so like to be a web professional. I have decided to work and live with computers, perhaps a path to life.

And I have also interest in music especially those composed in the slow motion. and wide perspective of loud. 

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