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Welcome to Undeniable Chemistry, a fansite dedicated to One Life to Live's Rex Balsom and Adriana Cramer, who are portrayed by the wonderful actors, John Paul Lavoisier and Melissa Fumero. Please have fun as you explore around the site and learn everything you need to know about this amazing couple! Also please join the fanlisting to show that your a fan of Rex and Adriana. And don't forget to sign the guestbook and leave a message on the tag board.

If you have any questions or anything or you want to be affiliates with me, please email me at swimmer_4eva05@hotmail.com



June 20th 2008- I added a new affiliate: Sole-Starr and Cole and I added a new music video called "When You're Gone".

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Disclaimer: Undeniable Chemistry is not affiliated with John Paul Lavoisier, Melissa Gallo, One Life to Live, ABC, or anything else related to them or their characters. This is for entertainment purposed only. Please do not take anything from the site without permission, with the exception of the fan art. The fanlisting is the only approved Rex and Adriana fanlisting at TheFanlistings.org