Rexann Samoyeds
Ch. Rexann's Musicmaster ROMC

Rexann Samoyeds was established in 1967 by Jo Ann Stage and is continuing with her daughter Kathy Bube (pictured with Ch. Rexann's Musicmaster ROMC). What started as a genuine love for a wonderful breed has turned into a dedication to preserve the breed for future generations to enjoy. We strive for intelligence as well as lovliness. A sound mind is just as important as a sound body. All breeding stock is OFA & CERF certified. 

Breed information

                             Boys                  Girls                      puppy plans 
                                   Ringo                 Goldie                     Buster x Candee
                           Casey                 Betty Boop              Spring 2010 litter planned 
                           Patton               Velvet                                           
                           Maestro                           Candee

10859 Lotticks Corner Rd SE 
Elizabeth, IN 47117-7708 
Kathy Bube  
(812) 969-3916