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Allergies and the Cornish Rex

     The Cornish Rex is a unique breed of cat. Not only is it different looking but it is also different in its fur.  The Cornish Rex cat has only one of the three hair types found on most other cats. It lacks the outer coat and the guard hairs. It only has the down coat, which is real hair.   Because of this type of hair the Cornish Rex does not moult.  It does have hair coming out like you or I do when we brush our hair. Most people think this is good for allergies.  Yes and no.  The no shedding does relieve you because of no hairs lying around the house.  One thing you must remember the Rex can produce allergies just as severe as a regular cat.

Rexclusive's Zena

    The Cornish Rex is a small breed of cat. The females can weigh anywhere from 5-7 pounds and the males 7-10. They appear very fragile but are all muscle.  A Rex should feel heavy to pick up but be nice and lean.    

 The Cornish rex has a small, egged shaped head with large oval eyes which have a 


Rexclusive's Zena playing!

 slight upward tilt; high cheekbones; a Roman nose and large ears which are set high on the head.  They should also have an arched back giving them a nice tuck up, long lean legs and a long whippy tail.  The main thing that makes the Cornish Rex different from other breeds is its curly coat. When showing a Rex  45 % of your total marks is coat alone.  The coat should be evenly marcelled with no patchy areas.  It does tend to differ in the tightness of the curl depending on the lines that are used.

    Apart from looking unusual the Cornish Rex has a wonderful temperament and is very outgoing.  They tend to greet you at the door and like to be with you most of the time.

    They like to ride on your shoulders and just generally be in with all the activity.

    As you can see they are a very outgoing, busy breed that gives years of fun and enjoyment!

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