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         This website is dedicated to Christ the King and hopefully doing just a little bit to help spread His reign over all the nations of the world. Christ the King should reign over every land and every heart. Only He can bring the peace that surpasses all understanding. If you feel something is missing in your life, you feel a lack of direction or purpose, or maybe you have felt God calling you to him but have tried to shut out His voice, then you should not waste a single moment. Wherever you are, there is a good priest close to you right now, ready to help in any way you can. You can email me here and I will try to be of any assistance possible. Our time is short and we should not waste any of it. Please, for your own sake, do not put off the most important decision in your life. The spiritual world is real, your soul is real, and your soul is crying out for union with Christ the King, to spend eternity with the saints and Holy Family in Heaven.