Song of the Month A: I've used all my strength for your good, but I don't get any rewards.  You decided to be with him in the future, He doesn't know how to treat you well, I am glad to work hard. S: I decided to love him, wish me happiness ok? You understand me the most that no matter how painful it is I will stay, I am not afraid to get really hurt.  I am willing to wait for him.   A: And looking at you (S: will he be touched?) watching you walks into the cliff (S: Will he run off?)  He will leave you behind and only care for himself S:  I've been used to loving him, what can you do, at this cliff is my dead end. *A: Being good to you, no one cares if I'm good, No one appreciates me being good, oh, you're used to his ways, and you've never loved me.  I see everything clearly now, I know no need to get, I might as well leave, but I hope its for your own good. S: He, have always been worse than you, but I'm still loving him to the end, I will once again bow my head to listen to him cheat*, hoping he'll say he loves me, why has it not come yet?  Maybe the time has not come yet. A:  Its suffering hardship yet good, listen to your cries, you said feeling bad is better than breaking up.   S: I said there's many female leads, have also suffered this torture before. A: The situation has gone bad (S: Perhaps he can do it) You believe one day in the coming year he may agree he can do it (S: perhaps he can do it) he can do everything. Both: I also resemble your continuous advice; I'd rather sacrifice than give up *Chorus S: I know you love me, yet I pretend I don't know, Good person, let's say I can't do so A: I see myself as a friend, I can see that, I see you as my future S: For several times, I take it as a confusing hemp, I couldn't control it. Both: How good it is can't wait for it. A: What to do, No one cares if I'm good, No one appreciates me being good, Oh, you're used to his ways, you've never gotten a kiss, I remember it clearly, I know, no need to get, I might as well, leave but I hope its for your own good. S: Good, I've always known you're good (A: Not good enough)Why is he not good enough (A: I am not good enough)Come back to me and let him Both: I still believe I will, have a good heart and get a good reward, maybe, I'll know when some day comes.
Alex Fong + Stephy Tang:  Ho Sum Ho Bo/ Good heart, Good Reward
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October 5th, 20054
So now..math test, french quiz...french test....i dont like...bball tryouts already...sfx vball was good...still sick...drinking 'gum mo cha' rite sweet cuz i added huney and sugar :D..happy bday Andrea...
A: soc: none
B:fre: quiz
C: Sci:problem solving
F: BE -4.7 and 4,6
H: Math Test
A Happily Ever After Ending
Once upon a time, there were 2 children named Alexander and Stephanie. They first met each other when their took them to the beach on the moon's festival in the evening.  Soon, they became great friends.  Every year since then, Alexander would take Stephanie to watch the moon for the night.  When they were 20 years old, Alexander took Stephanie to watch the moon.   But this year, something was different:
Alexander told Stephanie: 'Steph, thanks a lot for always being there for me...'
Stephy replied: 'Whats the matter Alex, you've been all weird the whole night.'
Alexander said shyly: 'I think I've fallen in love with you...'
After he finished speaking, there was a moment of silence.  Stephanie then smiled at him.  She then took his hand and held it with hers.   At that moment, there was a meteor shower.  They both watched it under the night sky.  A couple of years later, they had a son andcalled him 'moon'(in chinese) because it was that special night where they met each other and fell in love...
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