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"Our aim is to link us together as we prepare for our 25th Grand Anniversary Reunion in the year 2003."

June 2001 Edition

God made fathers...

God must have known our earthly need for someone wiser; 
Someone who could turn a hopeless situation into shades of victory;
Someone whose touch could transform clouds into sunshine, tears into joy, sadness into laughter...
That's why He made fathers...like Himself. 

Terry Goes To LA...

Terry and family experienced the "batch-famous" West Coast hospitality from the Bautistas and the Parados.  Terry gave me a piece of her mind on the memorable reunion and bonding that took place in San Dimas.

Happy Birthday !!!

Dana Bartolome-Bautista - June 9
Marilou Cruz-Santos - June 12
Janet Cajucom-Alfonso - June 25

 Please notify us if your birthday/anniversary is not on the list.  If you know other celebrants please notify us, too.

Profile of the Month

Eliseo Perez

I happen to check the KaEskwela.com site and I saw a new person who registered this year.  I sent him an email to get to know him better and we'd like share his profile from the email that he sent me.  We'll add Eliseo's picture once we get it from him.

Happy Anniversary

Victor & Gigi Gregorio's 15th
- June 22
Lex & Tess Parado's 13th
- June 24
Jollo & Monette's
- June 24

Buddy to Buddy
  This section will demonstrate to us the buddy system in our batch.  It is people helping people.  Do you need to find a buddy?  Send your "Buddy to Buddy" request to your geographic contacts.

Please help us find the following buddies:

(Still) Wanted:

 Joseph Gelito, Moises Sta. Ana,  Maybelle Limasing, Rogelio Isleta, Bien Cruz, Ester Trilliana, Emma Nicholas, Yolanda Wines, Myrna Canlas, Elena Villalon, Caroline Palero-Torres, Bong Lauza, Nenette Kit Cruz, Antonio Ocampo, Tess Samson, Rainier Virgino, Susan Prado, Mario Mendoza, Benilda Inocencio, Fernando Celis, Precila Concepcion, Rodel Lachica, RiobenGuzman, Nora Villanueva

If you have information on them please let one of us know

Who's Kids Are These?

    Can you guess who is the Mom of these good-looking teens?

 On the right side is my eldest, Paolo (21 yrs. old).  He's taking up HRM.  Seated is Pennie (17 yrs. old), who is on her 2nd year, taking up pre-med (BS-Bio.) and Nathaniel Romeo, youngest (15 yrs. old), is going to take up Civil Engineering (1st year). 
-Perlie Gonzales

Our Kids....

Here are a couple of wonderful poems from Riz and Dana's daughter Denise.

Click on the link below to access the poems

Also we'd like to share their little Kristianne's First Communion Picture.

Kristianne's Bautista's 
First Communion 
last May 6. 



We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to:

Malou Cruz-Santos, Rebecca Cruz-Pangan and Benjie Cruz on the death of their beloved father, BENJAMIN CRUZ, SR.
Terry Javier-Abad on the death of her father, MR. JAVIER.
Fr. Erick Santos on the death of her grandma, MELANIA DELA CRUZ SANTOS.

We are happy to present some pictures from Tony Aquino. 
Please click here.
Liby Rueda-Odiamar and Ernie visited Beng Nuguid-Evangelista and Terry Javier-Abad in Vancouver. 
Here is an excerpt on Liby's email to our Vancouverites:

  "I am so sorry I did not get the chance to even call you when we got back 'cause we got so busy with my colleges friends. Thank you so much for the wonderful time, the food especially the pansit and the mango from Terry's plantation he!he!he!  Ernie, myself and  my friends are really thankful and blessed. I felt so bad 'cause we have to come home that afternoon. I should have asked my friends to stay but  hopefully next time we will be staying for a day or two so we could fellowship and reminisce the high school days. I thank the Lord for we finally see each other after high school. Lord Bless.  I could not attache the pictures, I'll send it after this."

In His Love.......................Ernie & Liby 


Finally, here is the picture of our Vancouverites during the visit of the Ponios in Vancouver. 
Captions to follow.

Profile of the Month

Eliseo Perez

Here is an excerpt from Eliseo's email........

      "Hi, my real name is Eliseo Perez and my friends call me JULY. I was E1
during my third year but I'm not that brainy to maintain E1 that is why I
graduated as M3. I am Ruel Cruz' classmate and a school mate during our
college year in FEU. I finished Electrical Engineering and went straight
overseas. Presently I am connected to J. Ray McDermott International as a
Senior Electrical Engineer. Our company construct oil and gas offshore
platforms. I'm here for nearly 15 years now. I have two lovely daughters
named Oliva Mae (3-1/2 yrs old) and Ibiza Mae (8 months old) they are both
born here in Dubai. My wife's name is Emerina (not a Torresian)."

You can contact Eliseo @ elperez@emirates.net.ae

Welcome aboard Eliseo !!!



The Javiers In San Dimas, Ca.

The Javiers, the Bautistas were hosted by the Parados in their San Dimas home.
Clockwise: Riz, Denise, Allison, Kris, Dana, Terry, Maristel, Cris, Tess, Fe, Lex, Patrick, Francis, Nico, JT, JJ and Julius.

     Last May 15th we had an opportunity to meet the Bautista's and Parado's family they are both wonderful and so as their children, akala nga ni JT they are cousins, he said its so cool to see all my cousins in one house (magagandang lahi naman so makikihilera na rin). To be honest I was so please with the way they welcomed us. It was a dinner na parang Manila Hotel ang feeling ko, something incredible. 
      Let me start with the Bautista since I will do it alphabetically. They are the couple that both in love with each other. Si Dana ay very good sense of humour, palagay kaagad ang loob ko sa kanya. We laugh and laugh in so many things . We once again recalled our high school days, I would say na kahit we totally do not know each other we click instantly.  I am so blessed to know her and I know that this will be not be the last time of keeping in touch but just the beginning. Riz is also very down to earth man, no wonder Dana is very much in love with him. Julius comments was Riz is madaling pakibagayan. And I agree with him.
     Now I want to say something about the Parado's . Let me start with the Lady of the house. Tess as far as my memory is concern, she has not change at all, still very sweet and charming... parang hindi nanganak.  The first thing I noticed was her beauty charm mole, sabi ko she is very quiet kaya pala ay may allergy attack that night but when I talk to her the next day...Naku! puedeng  talk show  host, hindi rin nauubusan ng sasabihin.  Her charm not only shown physically, her inner most speaks well. I was amazed how their home was so neat and tidy considering they have five kids.  I salute this  woman for that. And of course the Father of the house, Lex... as before kahit we are totally stranger to each other I do not feel intimidated.  But what I can say is he is very warm and soft spoken man. 
     To be honest before we will be visit them, I was having a cold feet, or double minded kasi sabi ko they are all Math 1 at sila yung mga marurunong sa Torres sabi ko baka alangan akong makaharap sila. Next thing I know I was with them and having a good time.  I hope sa ibang mga ka batch natin hindi maging hadlang ang mga status natin sa buhay para maging magkakaibigan muli or magkalapit muli ang bawat isa.  Kahit ano man ang naging buhay natin ngayon I am sure lahat tayo ay nagkaroon ng tagumpay, lungkot , ligaya at hirap sa buhay na ibat-ibang panahon at pagyayari, na nakayanan nating lanpasan at kaya pa rin sa susunod, lalo na at may mag kaibigan tayo. After I met them I have 100% confident , kasi iisa rin pala ang tinahak naming lahat sa buhay, hindi by section. I hope my comments will encourage everyone to get to know the batch, we will not lose anything but there is a lot to gain .
     Once again to our LA batch thank you for welcoming during the time of our visit. We love you guys. 
Terry-Javier Abad

Riz, Dana, Terry, Julius, Tess and Felix

Thanks, Terry for sharing your experience with the Bautistas and the Parados!



Here are two great poems written by Riz and Dana's daughter, Denise.   It was published by Creative Communications, Inc. 



            I have two guardian angels; 
            But not like the angels above, 
            They live in my home; 
            Always generous and giving love. 
            They may not have beautiful wings; 
            Like the angels we love and we know, 
            But when they are caring and loving; 
            That's when their wings start to show. 


            I went to watch the clouds float by, 
            Up into the deep blue sky; 
            Then found myself drifting off, 
           Into a world in which I really liked.

            A world with no worries, 
            A world with no tears; 
            A world with no frowns, 
            A world with no fears. 

            A world just for me, 
            To live and enjoy; 
            A place to have fun, 
            And express all my joy. 

            I hope I never have to leave this place, 
            For it feels like heaven to me; 
            A world with all smiles and no frowns, 
            Now that's the kind of life for me! 

Thanks, Denise.  Great works!


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