More than one year in the making and finally, the Big Day has arrived! Whew! what a day! Very memorable, historic, full of surprises and filled with love and miracle. January 20, 2001 (Feast Day of San Sebastian) isn't just our wedding day but also one of the historic dates in our country... it was on this day when ERAP resigned and EDSA had again proven the power of people and prayers.
Ceremony was held in Basilica de San Sebastian, the only-steel church in Asia, probably in the world. This beautiful church is situated near Mendiola, Manila where thousands of people (both Pro and Anti ERAP) were rallying days before our wedding. Some major roads were closed, some have checkpoints, people were really HOT! Everyone was so worried that the wedding might get affected, but things were beyond our control and all we could do was PRAY.
On the eve of our wedding, we checked-in at the bridal suite of Traders Hotel Manila. At around 8:30 pm, Rey and I went to the health club to get a good massage. This released our tensions and made us relax for the Big Day. When I returned to my room, my relatives were all there. We celebrated my last night as Miss Stephanie Ticzon. Everyone had fun and we didn't notice that it's past 12 midnight.
Around 1:00 am, our make-up artists arrived... Imagine the bride having just one hour sleep on her Big Day. Other suppliers started arriving at around 5 am. The limo arrived earlier than expected because of fear that roads were closed and some areas near Mendiola were surrounded by barricade of people. Again we prayed hard that nothing bad will happen.
As the cars convoyed from the hotel to the church, I can't help but pray and thank GOD for the miracle He had done. All the worst things we expected didn't happen. The traffic was light, roads were not yet closed, the sun was shining so right, the surrounding was peaceful, I was so calm and happy. As I wait in the limo, i saw friends and relatives from far places arriving. This almost made me cry and all i can say then was 'Thank You Lord'.
We offer this site to our LORD GOD and dedicate this to our families, friends, relatives who made our Big Day a success. Thank you for celebrating with us, thanks for the prayers and thanks for giving a part of your time in exploring this labor lof love. Godbless...