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New King Chief of Canada, I am writing to you, We have to change the rules of the whites.
We will put Head Office in Canada on the Indian Act, and superintend on provincial rules.
Lawyer for your Business, Doctor, Indian Affairs, and this is on the Indian Act, and rules of Canada.

In the year of 1820 we sent Simpson to control the company, in the year 1821 we sued Hudson
for selling your goods, so, I am renewing the treaty and money. One hundred and twenty dollars
($120.00) a year and tax free. The rules of the Indian Act of Canada, when the year is due, the
Superintendent will give you your money tax free.

Now you will have to make township. The whites will have to pay you for everything you have,
you make head townships in Canada, have reservations to keep the whites off the RESERVE,
and Free Indian Navigation. Free grass for settlers and timber of 100 Acres. We leave it as you
gave it to the settlers, only the pine for the lumberman, and sixty-feet on shore
Navigation Rights, if you are on the boat.

It's free travelling all over Canada, anyplace you go. If you want a house in Canada, you go to the
Superintendent, put in your order and he will see that it is built. It will cost you nothing,
they will pay for it. I will put a Warden in, to mind your game wherever your animal will
make its tracks in Canada you can follow it until you get it. If the whites want your
animal they will have to pay for it with a license.

If you work for a white man, they cannot garnishee your wages. The whites have to pay taxes, you
are entitled to THREE percent on the taxes, and THREE percent on the timber and $3.00
stumpage beside, and FIVE percent on the Mines, and if you have money in the Bank it is FIVE
percent; also game money is yours. If the whites crowd you, you are to go to the Superintendent
and put in your complaint and he will take it up to the lawyer and he will be prosecuted.

The Bargain is made and I am sending you a scroll as good as gold, as long as there is an Indian
in the country from generation to generation, King Chief Brother, I am telling you, a
nephew is born. My son. I am your sister Queen Victoria, forever this Bargain, we made between
you and I, will stand; as long as there is water in the Lakes and run in the Rivers and Creeks,
and the green grass grows. This Bargain, the year 1665 comes the year 1835, is good as
long as the sun and moon shines, it cannot change.

This Bargain is for the KING CHIEF of CANADA, from QUEEN VICTORIA

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