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Reza Shirazi Mofrad

I was born in 1978 in Tehran. I have one Brother , his name is Amir , he is 20 and he studies hardware engineering in qazvin university. my father is  an accountant and my mother is housewife. I began software programming when I was 15 , with GW-BASIC commodore 64. when I was 17 years old I started learning Q-BASIC in my high school. In 1995 I was accepted in the Tehran Azad university (south branch), I studied there until 2001.

I'm a Bs holder in hardware engineering from Azad Tehran university and  I have certificate of java programming language from ICE (Institute of Computer engineering). I was TA of Multimedia programming in Azad Tehran university, I was researcher for speech recognition, internet agent programming and advance internet search algorithms.

I love listening music, traveling, studying novel, football, swimming and software programming. I usually play badminton with my friends after my work. I love my family and I am single. I like some computer algorithms and theories like Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy logic and Image processing.

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