True Wellness
True Wellness
Wellness means more than just physical health. You are also well
when you have some piece of mind about family, finances, and time.

We were introduced to a company last year that allows you, as a
customer, to purchase products at wholesale prices. You could call
it a buying club, somewhat like Sam's Club or Kosco but with quite a
few differences which made my wife and I take a closer look.

We not only saw a wide range of products, most we all use every
day; we also quickly learned they are safer, work better, and are
less expensive than harmful, chemical filled store bought brands.

Now, unlike Sam's and Kosco, you don't have to buy bulk to get the
discount,you don't even have to go to the store. All your household
products and services are available to you from a catalog or on the

OK! We are going to buy all the products we do anyway, just from a
different store. By switching stores, we will get better, safer
products and they are less expensive. We will order them directly
from the manufacturer and they will be delivered to our door month
after month. Not only will we get about 30% off retail, the company
gives you back a percentage of your purchase as a rebate to use
later for free products.

We thought this was a pretty good offer, then we were told
something that blew us away. We were told if we referred any friends
or family to this store, and they "switched stores" too, we would be
paid 7-20% of what they bought!! Since what they, and we, are buying
is consumable and will need to be replaced month after month; we
will get paid on it month after month. It's called residual income.

We have only been active in the business end of this program for a
few months, a few hours a week just taking the time to tell a few
people about our switch. Not only do we get all our products free
every month now, it also covers a few other bills. Imagine telling a
few of your friends, and they tell a few of theirs, and so on...

The most important thing is my wife, Yvonne, and I feel much
better in general. Yvonne does not have the migrane head aches she
used to, and her dry skin and allergies are gone.

We invite you to contact us by email for more details on how to
become a customer, and maybe find true wellness.

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