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^^The `Abbâsids^^
Time Line 750 A. D. - 945 A. D.
750 A.D. Abû -l-`Abbâs better known as Al-saffâh becames the first `Abb&asid Caliph.
754 A. D. Abû Ja`far (Al-Mansûr) succeeds his brother.
756-929 Spain asserts its independence under Umayyad rulers.
759 Death of Ibn al-Muqaffa' who was renowned for his translations from Persian to Arabic such as Kalîa wa Dimna.
762 Foundation of Baghdad.
767 Death of Ibn Ishâq, biographer of the Prophet.
775 A. D.Muhammad (Al-Mahdî) son of al-Mansûr is appointed caliph
785 A. D. Muhammad (Al-Hâdî eldest son of al-Mahdî succeeds his father, but dies under mysterious circumstances.
786 A. D.Hârûn Al-Rashîd takes over after his brother. Sees the Barmakid family come to their height of influence.
795 Death of Mâlik b. Anas, imâm of the fiqh of Hijâz.
800 Ibrâhîm b. al-Aghlab was appoited Amîr of Ifrîqiya by Harûn al-Rashîd. He had the right to appoint his son his successorin return for an annual tribute of 40,000 dinars.
801 Death of Râbi`a al-`Adawiyya of Basra, a former slave woman who becomes a sûfi saint.
802 A. D. An agreement is drawn up at Mecca after the pilgrimage according to which al-Amîn would succeed his father, but his brother (`Abd Allah) al-Ma'mûn would have considerable independence from him over a larger Khurasân.
809 A. D.Al-Amîn, eldest son of al-Rashîd succeeds his father.
813 A. D. Al-Ma'mûn defeats his brother and becomes caliph.
819 Tahir a general ofal-Ma'mûn becomes an almost independant Governor of Khurasan.
820 Death of al-Shâfi`î, leader of his own school of fiqh.
823 Death of al-Wâqidî a major inspiration to both Ibn Sa`d and al-Tabarî.
833 A. D.Abû Ishâq (al-Mu'tasim) brother of al-M'mûn succeeds as caliph. He establishes a personal guard of Turkish troops around him. In 836 he withdraws to Samarra, away from Baghdad.
842Al-Wâthiq the second son of al-Mu'tasim succeeds him as caliph
847Al-Mutawakkil established as caliph by the Turkish guards. Active persecution of Shi`ites.
861 The caliph is murdered by his body guard, and his son, al-Muntasir is appointed caliph.
866 Al-Mu'tazz is appointed caliph after the murder of his brother by the Turkish guard.
869 Black uprising at Zanj led by Kharijite leader.
870 Al-Mu'tamid replaces his brother, who is also murdered by the Turkish guard. But it is his brother al-Muwaffaq who is the real power behind the throne.
883 Al-Muwaffaq destroys the Zanj uprising.
903 Samanid Dynasty is established in Khurasan.
864-88 Ahmad b. Tulûn is appointed governor of Egypt. After his death his son Khumrawayh agrees to send an annual tribute to the caliph in exchange for his independance.
905 The Tulûnids are defeated and reabsorbed into the `Abbâsid Empire.
The Hamdânids (Bedouin tribes) take control of Mosul and Aleppo.
908 Al-Muqtadir appointed caliph.
909 An Ismaili leader in Syria wins support of the Berbers in Ifrîqiya and proclaims himself the true caliph under the name al-Mahdî. The Aghlabids are overthrown and the Fatimid Caliphate is established.

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