RFID / Sensory tm
Identification Systems
-- ASC now provides a full complement of RFID I/D Systems for implementation in Supply-Chain Inventory, Manufacturing &
Security/Tracking, on W
- - - RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, is an advanced 
wireless data system that individually identifies objects and
processes, or locates
& tracks items associated with miniature
electronic Tags or Transducers; and includes capabilities for:
    RF. TAGS
&         Item Tracking &         Object/Body Scans
    Sensor Opts.         HH-ID Terminals
     LAN/GPS/Cell Nets
- - ASC  RFID Systems now uniquely feature integrated TAG
Sensory I/O options for: - -process Inputs/Outputs in automated Supply Chain, Product Tracking, or Transaction Monitoring; or Security/Surveillance and Vehicle/I-D or Navigation/Mapping.
-Interactive RFID TAGs are now offered for local
or long-range Scanning,Tracking & Control, over WAN or GPS/Cellular Nets.
- - A full complement of RFID Systems Technology, with both Engineering Support and Software Implementation capabilities, is also offered by ASC.

   - Automatic Monitoring
/Tracking of Assets & Supply Chain
   - Increased Processing/Operating Speed and Efficiencies
   - Enhanced Inventory Management and Mapping Displays
   - Improved Productivity and Economy for Work-in-Process
   - Unsurpassed Levels of Information Integrity and Security
   - Integrated Tracking, Security and Surveillance Automation

   - Minimization of Errors in Reporting, Monitoring
& Identity
   - Greater Control over Facilities, Fixed Assets and Tooling
   - Reprogrammable I/D Tags and Global/Wireless Networking
   - High-Speed Remote Reading of Imbedded Read/Write Tags
   - Mobile/Wireless Monitoring of Vehicles and Transportation
   - Remote/Long-Range RFID Scans over LAN/GPS/Cell Nets
   - Transparency, Integrity and Reliability in all Environments
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