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These are the Top 50 Songs of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal of all time as determined by each of our personal tastes.  This is in no way a list of what the general public would select, but our own personal opinions.  These are the songs that have frequented our stereos over the years.  But with any list, its not just as simple as that.  A few basic laws were laid down to help curb tendancies that could cripple the lists themselves.  Keep these in mind while you read through our selections.

Here are the restrictions:
1. No songs from 2001 are eligible
2. No cover songs
3. Limit the amount of songs any one band may have on the Top 50, preferably kept under or around 3-4 per band.
4. No material that is not covered by the website (so no polka, country music, techno, rap, whatever...).

Of course no one followed these directions... so what we have is a plentiful to overflowing cornicopia of music, alot of variety, old expected favorites and a few surprises just for good measure.      


Mystery, magic, proggy power metal & AOR...

The one and only TRUE list or so he says...
Guitarists galore, hard rock classics and more...

Prog is the name of the game on this 50...
Another prog/power slant on the list, truu metul...


He threw out the rulebook and this is the result...


Don't agree with us?  Think we are totally and absolutely INSANE because of our selections?  Well don't just sit there and contemplate our insanity, send us your own Top 10 (or larger) and we'll consider it for posting at a later date... by the old fashioned way in a snazzy email.  Send to:
RFMD Top 50 Songs

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