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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Track Listing
1. "Burning Times" - 3:43
2. "Melancholy (Holy Martyr)" - 4:47
3. "Disciples of the Lie" - 4:03
4. "Watching Over Me" - 4:28
5. "Stand Alone" - 2:44
6. "Consequences" - 5:36
7. "My Own Savior" - 3:39
8. "Reaping Stone" - 4:02
9. "1776" - 3:33
10. "Blessed Are You" - 5:05

Something Wicked (Trilogy)
11. "Prophecy" - 6:18
12. "Birth of the Wicked" - 4:16
13. "The Coming Curse" - 9:33

Noise Records 1997

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I like Iced Earth. Their brand of Iron Maiden/Metallica inspired power metal combines everything good about no-nonsense 80s heavy metal. In many ways, they are the true heirs to the Iron Maiden and Metallica thrones especially taking into account that Iron Maiden hasn't released a meaningful album since Seventh Son and many think that Metallica gave up the title of heavy metal kings when they released Load (or the so-called "Black Album", depending on your point of view). Either way, Iced Earth is arguably the best thrash- inspired, Iron Maiden influenced band around today and even though they aren't as technically intricate as Metallica once was or as melodically brilliant as Maiden used to be, Iced Earth almost always delivers a solid album. Something Wicked This Way Comes is no exception. This album, as many before me have noted, alternates from heavy thrash to slower semi-ballad rockers with every song: The odd numbered songs tend to fall into the first category, the even ones in the latter. Some fans were slightly annoyed by the up and down nature of the song order, but I think it's a good way to order the songs and I like the breather in between the thrashers.

1. "Burning Times"
This is the best of the heavy, thrash songs on the disc. This song reminds me of some of the stuff off of Iced Earth's 1996 disc The Dark Saga.

2. "Melancholy (Holy Martyr)"
The best song on the CD, "Melancholy (Holy Marty)" begins the slow verses/fast chorus songs that make-up half of the disc. This discs emotional impact is stunning as vocalist Mathew Barlowe delivers an heart wrenching performance. This song is one of the best songs Iced Earth has ever written!

3. "Disciples of the Lie"
"Disciples of the Lie" is too thrashy and fast for my taste. Normally, this isn't a problem, but the vocal melodies are overly harsh and aggressive. My least favorite song on the disc.

4. "Watching Over Me"
Much like track two, this is another stunning song that delivers emotional, ballad-like verses and a powerful chorus. The song is about the death of a close friend of guitarist Jon Schaffer. The subject matter alone makes one pause, but the music is so inspired and compelling that it makes the song standout even more.

5. "Stand Alone"
A thrasher that never lets up, "Stand Alone" is an unrelenting and powerful tune that features vocalist Mathew Barlowe at his most aggressive which makes this song one of the best thrash numbers on the disc.

6. "Consequences"
Another song that follows along the lines of tracks two and four, "Consequences" doesn't quite deliver like those songs did. Still, it's a decent tune with plenty of power in the heavy parts and adequate melody lines in the slower parts.

7. "My Own Savior"
Iced Earth's greatest strength is also their greatest weakness as their aggressiveness can sometimes result in over aggression. Many Iced Earth fans will disagree, but this over aggressiveness can sometimes hurt the song as it does here which makes "My Own Savior" one of my least favorites on the CD.

8. "Reaping Stone"
Starting off slow, this tune picks up at the chorus with Barlowe's powerful vocals and Iced Earth's brutal guitar riffs. Good song!

9. "1776"
An instrumental, "!776" is an engaging and domineering track that is both brutal and inspiring. This one showcases some interesting runs and riffs and even a flute! Good stuff all around.

10. "Blessed Are You"
The slow verse/heavy chorus theme continues here on one of the albums best tracks. The vocal melodies are particularly powerful and the guitar parts sound like the were lifted off of Metallica's 1988 album ...And Justice For All.

11. "Prophecy"
The first song in the "Something Wicked" trilogy breaks the pattern found on the first ten songs as it follows the recipe used on the slower, even numbered tracks. When it finally does turn heavy, it's as aggressive as most of the odd numbered songs on the disc. Good song!

12. "Birth of the Wicked"
A steady heavy rocker, "Birth of the Wicked" is a solid song that features dynamic vocal melodies and punishing riffs.

13. "The Coming Curse"
A quiet piano opens "The Coming Curse", but it quickly shifts into all out speed and power. Good track even if I've heard it's like earlier on the CD. Some of the instrumental passages are very engaging and there are even some haunting female and male Gregorian chants later on in the song.

Iced Earth delivers another solid album of classic-styled American power metal in the vein of their 1996 release The Dark Saga. The rhythm guitar parts are especially good as Jon Schaffer is clearly from the James Hetfield (Metallica) school of rhythm guitar. Mathew Barlowe is one of metal's most versatile and powerful singers as he sounds like a cross between former Savatage singer Zak Stevens and Metallica front man James Hetfield. Something Wicked This Way Comes is another solid American power metal release.

Ratings and Wrap Up:
(a solid slice of metal)

Review by Joseph White-

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