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Track Listing
1. Don't Hesitate
2. Love Game
3. Goodbye 2 U
4. Toy Human
5. She's Not Comin' Home
6. I Love the Way
7. U + I
8. Change Your World
9. Operator
10. Wild in the Night
11. Get a Way

AOR Heaven 2002

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Backstreet Anthems (1999)
Queen 4 A Day (2000)
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Tuff - Tuff (1990) [Stevie Rachelle]
Pretty Boy Floyd - Leather Boyz WIth Electric Toyz (1989) [Steve Summers]
KISS - Revenge (1992) [Kulick & Singer]


The ultimate glam rock package! Those that lost their lunch over the horrendous "Hollyweird" earlier this year from Poison finally have something worth while being thrown their way. This exceeds tenfold in every single area where the once reigning kings of the aqua net spray can failed miserably. Several tight songs that have lots of staying power, some pretty inspired performances, not to mention a boat load of extras to make the deal even sweeter. Well everything one ups Poison with one little exception, the production here is less than stellar. Still, compared to the 'in a tin box' basement recording budget of "Hollyweird", its like a second coming of the genre.

But who exactly is Shameless? If you've never heard from them before, the band made their grand debut on the little known disc "Backstreet Anthems". It wasn't really until "Queen For a Day" that people began to take notice. Truthfully, glam is a dying genre. Unlike melodic rock, power metal, westcoast AOR and other little pits in the grand peach called rock, there are not alot of artists preserving this party rock niche in its close to original format for future decades to enjoy. The big guns of the music's heyday, such as Ratt and Faster Pussycat have faded away for various reasons. Most of these bands broke apart at the dawn of the 1990s or else fell into obscurity with poor material and sales equally as lackluster as their new recordings. Or like Cinderella, were locked in a closet for years by a record deal that kept them shackled and chained from releasing new music. Then there were some musicians who decided to just join up and let the music speak for itself, such as the members of Shameless. Alexx Michael's pet project that began in Germany in 1989 and ended in 1991 was resurrected in 1998 to be unleashed to the world with the vision to create "the ultimate rock n' roll band." He took his friend and ex-bandmate B.C. along for the ride, and with the guidance of ex-KISS drummer Eric Singer, Alexx was able to contact two of the most distinctive singers in glam history and add them to the growing ranks. One being Stevie Rachelle, the voice of Hollywood hairsprayers Tuff, that flash in the pan band that catapulted to the greener pastures of minor success by riding on the coattails of the hair metal explosion. Unfortunately that was just as the lights were dimming on what was once quite the raging free-for-all party in the industry. The other being the rough voiced crooner, Steve Summers, from the underground favorites Pretty Boy Floyd. With a lineup in place, it was about time to conquer the European continent. Well maybe "Backstreet Anthems" didn't really conquer, but it gained them enough attention to attract an audience to their music like bees to honey. "Queen For a Day" boosted their popularity and the time is now right to be "Splashed" for a third go round.  Even ex-KISS'er Bruce Kulick shows up for a guest spot. 

Inhibitions are checked at the door and the scene is right to get naughty, naughty... the music is all one would hope from a disc of this type. No clean cut stuff here, its trashy music that may have mostly been penned by a German, but its heart is beating 100 percent in the extravagance of L.A. An example of this is the "Fallen Angel" sentiments of the big ballad "She's Not Comin' Home". But the decadence of the decade isn't the only trick up the Shameless sleeve, there's also the anthemic vibe of the positively huge "Change Your World" and the punkish "Toy Human". This shows that their songwriting has improved over "Queen For a Day", but there is still plenty of room to expand upon these ideas, its definitely not the climax of the genre, even if its a damn good modern replication of the lost decade's feel.


With a guy that claims his favorite instrument is his cock (Steve Summers) and another who calls his guitar a "Diamond Bitch", you know its going to be a fun ride, even if it has a little too much in-your-face flaunting for gentler palletes to take. The attitude, the fashions, the hair, the three things that were considered more important than the music sometimes... hey its all here. But the music is also just as worthwhile, with or without the added extras that make this the total glam package. Those that are craving a walk down nostalgia lane, here's your chance to don your leather pants, slip on those high heels and glitter yourself up for a night of fun out on the Strip. Get ready to be"Splashed" because with this disc Shameless will take you there.

Ratings and Wrap Up:
Songs - 7.5, Performance - 8.0, Production - 6.5, Lyrics - 6.0

Hot Spots: "Change Your World"
Bottom Line: For the Shameless, they should be happy to be "Splashed" with a glitzy glam disc such as this. 

Review by Alanna Evans -

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