Color of Space

Track Listing
1. "Ripple in Time" - 5:03
2. "Mars Direct" - 3:32
3. "Ebb and Flow" - 7:33
4. "Who We Are" - 8:45
5. "Strange Attraction" - 6:19
6. "Lenses" - 15:52

self produced

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this is the debut
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Ayreon (space rock)
Marillion (vocal melodies, keyboard)
Rush (vocals, bass)


Singularity produced and released Color of Space in 1999. The band plays a brand of progressive rock that combines various aspects of Rush and Marillion. This combination makes them sound a little like Ayreon some times. The Rush similarities stand out the most blending the best aspects of 2112/Hemispheres-era Rush (long, epic songs) with Permanent Waves/Moving Pictures-era Rush (catchy vocal melodies). The combination works.


1. "Ripple in Time"
This song starts off with some fabulous bass work that is quickly joined by guitar and drums. Singer/bassist Andrew Goldhawk has a beautiful voice. Vocally, he's like a softer, sweeter version of Geddy Lee (Rush). Goldhawk's bass work is very much in a Geddy Lee vein, too. "Ripple in Time" is a mid-tempo and very smooth song. It is very much in a Rush vein but happier and more upbeat than Rush is generally thought of. All four musicians are very good and the song flows along perfectly. The vocal melodies are infectious and beautiful.

2. "Mars Direct"

This is an instrumental very much in a Rush vein. It is a fairly interesting instrumental but it isn't really my thing. Still, Singularity shows that they are capable musicians.

3. "Ebb and Flow"

This track, like number one, can be classified as "happy Rush". Goldhawk's voice is smooth. Spacey keyboards are very prominent throughout this song. "Ebb and Flow" has a quirkiness to it that is attractive and fun (yes, it's okay for music to be fun). This is a good, mid-paced song with some amazing vocal melodies. Yeah, beautiful vocal melodies do it for me every time.

4. "Who We Are"

This song is much more relaxed than the previous three. The vocal melodies are absolutely gorgeous. Goldhawk's vocals are stunning. The song shifts gears a few times which shows Singularity's ability to write catchy and complicated songs. Too many so-called progressive bands today have (or have never had) the ability to balance both qualities.

5. "Strange Attraction"

Another quirky, unusual song, "Strange Attraction" is appropriately titled; this song is both strange and attractive. This is another good song.

6. "Lenses"

This song has many of the same qualities that were present in the previous five tracks: Smooth vocals, pretty vocal melodies and catchy song writing. The only down side to the song is that it is a bit too long and I think it suffers because of this. Still, it isn't bad.


I've been quite critical, in a negative fashion, toward many prog rock and prog metal bands when it comes to originality. The term progressive has almost become meaningless as most so-called prog bands are anything but prog. Instead, many of these bands copy other prog bands to death. This inbreeding is killing the genre as most progressive bands refuse to look outside of prog to other forms of music for inspiration. New ideas can be found in abundance if they'd just look. That being said, Singularity, a band who's main influences seem to be Marillion and Rush, aren't exactly breaking any new ground, but they are doing what many bands tend to forget: They write good songs. I've been overly critical of many bands that have limited influences, but when the song writing is a strong as it is on Color of Space, who cares which bands they sound like because when it comes down to it, it's the songs that count. Good job, Singularity, this is a good CD. Check out for more information about this wonderful band.

Ratings and Wrap Up:

The Best: The song writing is good. These guys know how to put together unusual but catchy tunes.
The Worst: Some of the songs could have been better had they been shorter and tighter.
The Weird: Singularity infuses beautiful vocal melodies with a touch of weirdness. The Rest: These guys deserve to be signed to a major label.

Review by Joesph White -

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