Track Listing
1. Let the Demons Free
2. Virus
3. World's Cry
4. My Enemy
5. Will to Power
6. Weak
7. Eyes of a Stranger
8. Like Father, Like Son
9. Voices in a Dream
10. Spread Your Wings

2002 Nuclear Blast

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What the heck? Is it Another power metal band hailing from Finland, and they’re soundlike like Stratovarius too? Give me a break! Well, that was exactly how I felt when I heard about Thunderstone, a new band signed on Nuclearblast. And the promo says that it is the best debut album since Hammerfall’s debut. (why does everyone like Hammerfall, IMO they suck :) ) With this (small) information I did put in the CD in to my player, and first I was not impressed. Why? Because I had heard this a couple of hundreds before. But after a while I started to realize that it was not just the same stuff. I’ll give you some reasons why;

1. A more powerful singer
2. Better and more interesting lyrics (not the usual dragonslaying stuff)

You say: Not more than that?!
I say: Nope.
You say: What the heck, do you think I will buy the album, just because they have a powerful singer and better lyrics
I say: I don’t know, and I don’t care neither. But let me tell you little more about this band before you dump them in to your graveyard (where bands sounding like a bad copy of Stratovarius already are buried).

This band has managed to create songs that do not sound all the same all the time. You will find fast songs, ballades, and even an epic song with a progressive touch in it!


1. Let the demons free (3:59)
Surprise, surprise, they start with a fast song. And it is very good too, perhaps the best song on the entire disc. This is good stuff, reminds of the Episode era with Stratovarius (speed of light). I really enjoy listening to this song, and it has a very good bridge and chorus. If you don’t know this band and want to pretaste of it, listen to this song first.

2. Virus (4:49)
When I first listened to this song I really disliked it. A noncatchy chorus and it did sound very boring to me. But wait, the dead can raise from the dead and in the same way this song can merge from being boring in to being quite OK. (not better than that though :) ). It’s a midtempo song, driven by crunchy guitars and melodic keyboard-playing. I do not understand why they made a video of this song, ‘cause in my point of view it’s one of the worst.

3. World’s cry (4:20)
What?! Another midtempo song, yes that is the sad truth. But this is better stuff, I do like the singing here and the bridge is really good. The bad thing is that the chorus does not have the same standard. Again it reminds of Kotipeltos older days. Interesting lyrics though, telling that we shall not be so selfish. “We have a vision, we have a destination. WE are here for ourselves. These are the reasons, reasons for a fall, and this will be our call”

4. My enemy (3:40)
Is it Sonata Arctica I hear? No, but it could be. This does Exactly sound like the Sonata Arctica song “8th Commandment”. I don’t care if a band tries to copy their heroes but I do wish for creativity. This is totally ripoff, and it is a shame. Shame on you Thunderstone!!!

5. Will to power (8:34)
Phew, after the nightmare experience in the last track I can calm you all down by telling you that here is some better stuff. Being longest song on the CD, this is a progressive journey giving by the band. This is top quality, I cannot say anything else. Starting in a slow/midtempo this song turns in to a heavy and pleasant listening experience. Very good singing by Pasi (the singer) and the rhythm guitars by Nino are wonderful too. After about 3 minutes this song turns faster and even better, I really like the catchy chorus. It has an emotional and epic feeling to it. And after 5 minutes we get delivered a wonderful guitar solo. This is the kind of songs Thunderstone should try to create, together with the fast ones if they want to climb up on the metal ladder. Great stuff to say at least!

6. Weak (3:10)
This is the shortest song with a clocking time of just over 3 mins so it has to be a super-fast-power-exploding-speed-metal song. Well the other alternative is a sleezy ballad. And that is the correct answer. Sadly enought this starts like a sleezy ballad, and the only ballads I like are power ballads. But wait, what happends after 2mins, it turns in to a power ballad, well I think I have to skip the first two mins then. But then, who wants to listen to a 1min song?! The chorus is quite good and it reminds me of some 80’s stuff, like Europe.

7. Eyes of a stranger(5:23)
No, it’s not a Queensr˙che cover. It is a fast/midtempo power metal song. And it is one of the better ones on the disc. In this song the singer actually reminds a little of Geoff in Queensr˙che (I didn’t say much though). Sounds also little like their fellow Finnish brothers in crime Tunnelvision (excellent debut album).

8. Like Father, like son (5:23)
Fast, great chorus and a wonderful “guest guitar solo” my Mr. Metal-Finland himself, Timo Tolkki, makes this the best song on the disc. This is the song that made it to my “best of metal collection” that I made some time ago (with songs like Savatage - This isn’t what we meant, Alice Cooper - Brutal planet...). So you realize this is quality stuff, no, it’s much better than that. Just listen to the chorus, it was a long time ago I heard such powerful stuff. And the guitar solo of Tolkki is one of the most emotional I’ve heard from him (though it reminds much of the one in “Years go by" and "Mother Gaia”). If you hate everything else by this band, you’ll eventually love this.

9. Voice in a dream (4:39)
Ok, there we go again. A midtempo/slow song. And the result is like usual - not very good. If I ever meet the band I shall tell them stop making these kind of songs. This is guitardriven song, but I find it totally uninteresting so I will not say anything more about it.

10. Spread my wings (5:18)
There seem to be an unwritten law that says “there has the be at least one ballad per powermetal album.” And Thunderstone doesn’t want to break that law. And to be on the safe side they made two. But this is a very good ballad. It is a symphonic ballad (with a whole orchestra supporting) with the typical there, about love. As I said this is a good, perhaps a bit repeative but still enjoyable. A worthy song to end an album that had the potential but didn’t make it to metal heaven - yet!


As you for sure alreadly have realized; this is an album with many tops and many flops. And as a reviewer I hate to rate those kind of albums. But one thing is fore sure, there is talent and if they manage to handle that they could emerge in to a top quality metal band. But they are not there now.

Ratings and Wrap Up:

Hot Spots: "Will to Power", "Like Father, Like Son", "Let the Demons Free"
Bottom Line: Thunderstone's grand debut - average in every way with a few high points.

Review by Anders Olin -

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