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Track Listing
1. "Father" - 5:40
2. "Push" - 4:18
3. "When the Wind Blows" - 7:12
4. "My Crying" - 5:27
5. "Soul Survives" - 9:07
6. "Anytime" - 7:06
7. "Judas" - 6:03
8. "Back to Me" - 5:32
9. "How Many Tears" - 8:14

CNR 1995

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The God Thing (1997)
Far Off Grace (1999)
Beyond Daylight (2002)
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If you only know Vanden Plas from their later output like 1997's The God Thing or 1999's Far Off Grace, you know that Vanden Plas mixes elements of 80s hard rock somewhere along the lines of Dokken and Van Halen with 90s progressive metal ala Dream Theater. In fact, post-Colour Temple Vanden Plas is a lot like Dream Theater in many aspects from the guitar to the keyboards to even the singer, Andy Kuntz, who has some slight resemblances to Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie. Though some people think Vanden Plas bears too many resemblances to Dream Theater, if you go back and listen to Vanden Plas' first full-length CD Colour Temple, you may get a better idea of where Vanden Plas came from and how they evolved into the band that created The God Thing, Far Off Grace and 2002's Beyond Daylight. The journey back into Vanden Plas' history is worth it. I'm not saying it will dismiss the Dream Theater comparisons-Vanden Plas is now clearly influenced by the prog metal giants-but ! what it will do is give you, the listener, a better picture of Vanden Plas' other influences. They are not just a Dream Theater clone. There was-and still is-another side to this talented band.


1. "Father"
A strong opener, "Father" showcases Vanden Plas' ability to write catchy vocal melodies and dynamic guitar riffs. This good rocker also benefits from some atmospheric keyboards.

2. "Push"
This is an awesome song! Stephen Lill's guitar style screams George Lynch as the vocal melodies are very much in a Dokken vein. This track is a fast paced rocker that delivers catchy melodies and excellent guitar work. The atmospheric keyboards are a plus and add depth to the song.

3. "When the Wind Blows"
This track has one of those classic Dokken openings that build and build (think "Unchain the Night"). The main riff is similar to the main riff from Queensryche's "Breaking the Silence" and there are some other Queensryche similarities as well, but overall, Dokken seems to be the main influence here. This is a good medium paced rocker.

4. "My Crying"
A good rocker that relies on engaging vocal melodies and strong guitar work, "My Crying" recalls 80s hard rock without repeating it, thanks in part to keyboardist Gunter Werno. The song structure is a bit more complex than what you'd expect from many basic hard rock bands and that makes "My Crying" a strong song.

5. "Soul Survives"
Though this track starts off as a ballad, the song shifts gears and explodes into a mid-paced rocker. The keyboard carries this song throughout. Not a bad song, but this isn't one of my favorites on the CD.

"Anytime" is a ballad that combines loss, loneliness and pain without coming off as being corny or sappy like many ballads did during the 80s. This is a very good song that has a blues quality to it.

7. "Judas"
Maybe I'm making too many Dokken comparisons but, damn, Vanden Plas is writing better Dokken songs than Dokken is now! And this rocker is no exception. The guitar riffs sound like something George Lynch could of come up with and the vocal melodies are very Dokken-like. This track is one of the best on the album.

8. "Back to Me"
Another song that sounds like it was inspired by Dokken, "Back to Me" sounds like it's straight from the 80s hard rock/pop metal scene with its edgy verses and soaring chorus. The prominent progressive-like keyboards do give the song a little something extra that keeps it from being totally 80s. Great song that includes some fabulous riffs!

9. "How Many Tears"
Track nine is much more laid back tune than most of the songs on this album. Though it is pretty much a ballad, "How Many Tears" does contain an undercurrent of urgency that eventually leads the song into a heavier area while still remaining a ballad. Not the best song on the disc, it still showcases Vanden Plas' ability to convey a variety of moods through their music.


Colour Temple is a wonderfully fun album full of melody, power and exceptional song craft. On Colour Temple it is clear that the German rockers were influenced by Dokken and Van Halen in the beginning. The strong Dream Theater influences had yet to be added to Vanden Plas' song writing repertoire. Does that make Colour Temple a lesser recording than later releases? No. This album is just as strong as any other Vanden Plas CD. Sure, I personally like The God Thing more but Colour Temple is a close second. Vanden Plas does have their influences but I think sometimes many reviewers, including myself, play up the bands that influenced Vanden Plas too much. With every album, the band always has had their own style. You could always tell who influenced them but they always incorporated those influences into their own style and created something unique. Whether it's 1995's Colour Temple or 2002's Beyond Daylight, you can always tell it's Vanden Plas.


The Best: Stephen Lill's abilities as a guitarist. He is able to balance technique with song craft.
The Worst: There are no major problems with this album. Not every track is perfect but they're all good.
The Weird: Nothing weird about this release.
The Rest: Vanden Plas doesn't know how to release sub par albums.

Review by Joesph White-

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