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I haven't updated the site in a long time but I'm going to try to start keeping it updated.
Our Wedding
11/24//03 - I added pictures to Ashton's Pages.  I also started a "What Ashton's Been Up To" page to give everyone updates on what he's doing now so that no one will be left out!
10/12//03 - Marge is babysitting so I finally had some time to update the website.  I added some pictures of Ashton and set up pages to update everyone on how he is doing and on his checkups.  Go to his page to see all of the new things.
8/21//03 - I broke down and got out the digital camera to take some pictures of the nursery.  They are a little dark and the quality isn't the best but at least you can get an idea of what it looks like.  Click here to see it!  I also spent some time adding pictures to Our Family page.
8/18//03 - I finally got around to developing some film so now there are actually some pictures on the Our Family pages.  There are some pictures from Easter and our anniversary trip.
8/6//03 - About the only update this time is our doctors appointment on 8/5.  Oh, we also traded my Mustang off on a new (to us) truck.  Other than that we've just been getting ready for Ashton!
Rachel and Danny at Prom, May 1999.
7/28/03 - We had a doctors appointment on 7/22 and got to have another ultrasound on 7/24!  Click here to hear  some exciting news.
7/10/03 - I haven't had much time to update the site.  We had another doctors appointment yesterday.  Click here to read about it.
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