_____cuique sua dos.

When Allan Ramsay died!- the Muses grieved
To be of such a valu'd friend bereav'd;
       The loss was truly great!
Their inspirations wisely they restrain'd,
Until a proper person they obtain'd
       To fill the chair of state.

Many appear'd- Alas, how very few
Are those who can, with EASE and TASTE pursue
       So arduous a plan!

The Muses scrutiniz'd with piercing care,
And, fully pleas'd, did thus their choice declare
       "Rob. Fergusson's the man."

Go on, Musaist of the Scotian plains,
Still charm " Auld Reekie's sons wi' canty strains;"
       In troth they're sweet and pretty.
The lads and lasses all must sure agree,
And shew their solid judgment, naming thee
       The LAUREAT of their CITY.

F. J. GUION               Glasgow, Oct.17.1772