Subject: Pyromania!
That's right, we finally got a Demo up for Pyromania, so head over to the Multimedia section and check it out. We're also getting a picture of the band up soon, and still working to get a few more songs produced and recorded. And on another note, Happy Holidays to you all, from us here at RFTW!
Sunday - 12/21/2k3 - Dibs

Subject: Some Updates
Well we finally got another vocalist, so please welcome Chronic to RFTW! Some songs are currently being produced and recorded as we speak, such as: Pyromania, Bread Song, and Double Negative. Ninecenter and Consta(Payte) are also waiting for production, and an MP3 Sample for Pyromania is coming soon, so make sure to check back here soon!
Wednesday - 11/12/2k3 - Dibs





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