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This site reflects many personal opinions on Muscle Cars and related issues. For this WEB site, you will need a high performance (fast) Internet connection otherwise you could be waiting for things to load. Images, video, and audio take time to load but are important to us. In addition, these WEBpages were manually coded for Internet Explorer; however, they may also work with other Browsers ...

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These pages are the private property of a few ole hotrodders. The opinions expressed here are our own. Please address questions and comments to: Also we have links to commercial sites for information purposes; for example, should you need a part for your muscle car, you can go to our "Muscle Car Links WEBpage" and sort through the more popular sellers of muscle car parts - we are not reimbursed for a referal. (System Backups to CDROM are frequently made.) ~Bob

Background music is "Surfin Safari" originally sung by The Beach Boys and rerendered by Still Surfing ( BTW they have a great CD you can get on this WEBsite This is the kind of good music we used to listen to when we tooled around in our Nomads ...long long time ago ... We now listen to this CD in our TVMCs of today. ~Andy