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MAY 19th, 2009

A Very Brief Bit About Ron

I'm 43 year old disabled male named, Ron. I'm now living in Maine. I was born in the Southern California area on April 2nd, 1966. Since I follow no trends of any status, I'm just another face in the crowd. In one word, I'm just... ME!

My online life experience started back on December 23rd, 1996, via WebTV, which is now MSNtv. I was a user until August 16th, 2003, when I finally joined the PC user world. I really can't believe that I went all these years without a computer but I learned a lot on that WebTV.

I'm also on Facebook and Twitter. Ask and I'll give you the links.

My Pet peeves: The misuse of friendship for personal gain or to hurt others. Hiding behind a computer screen to produce hatred.

My Motto: I'm always there for my friends, in good or bad times. Unconditionally! 100%! That's friendship is all about to me. (Sadly I found most people I befriended online don't feel this way.)

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