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  Maya Angelou heads a life that the privileged could envy and even the downtrodden would admire and aspire to. Taking charge of a destiny that continues to pursue her, she rises to challenge its' course and relish the  embrace of its' offerings.  Radiating the silken brilliance of the colors of Africa, [Ghana specifically] she wears grace sensually, threading it with the ferocity of a combatant and then styles it with a beautiful coat of confidence in a fashion that is uniquely 'Maya-esque'. The evolved distinctness, or rather,  the epicenter of Maya,  has been redefined through civil struggles, forged by a faith inherent, and completed by the rewarding contentment her survival and, as expected, success. Her words sound like the sweet taste of honey, they fill your ears as honey moves; slow, smooth, and intentional.  The precision of her round traveled sounds drop glistening into your ears and beckon, calling upon the power and wisdom of everyones spirit to rise, again, again, again.
The Predicament of Black Americans at the End of the Century (Audio)
The Autobiograpical Nature of Composition (Audio)
Telling About Her Crippled Uncle Willie, and his Genius (Video)
E X T E R N A L   L I N K S
Voices from the Gaps: Maya Angelou
WIC Biography--Maya Angelou A brief biography of the author ... Copyright 2002/2003 Voices from the Gap Department of English, 207 Lind Hall, University of Minnesota ...
Interview With Maya Angelou
by David Frost. Angelou discusses the inspiration she gets from God.
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The power of poetry and the depth of human experience (Video)
then  W A T C H Maya
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