This is the new site that is currently in development. It's going to take a while but all the content will be back up eventually. I have more time now. See interviews with the contestants from series two, episode guides, analysis, polls, and more.
As well as The Mole, I am creating sections on other stuff as well. Musicals, helicopters, the saxophone, game shows and cavalry bands will also feature on this site.
Welcome to the Mole main page.

Site News
First content up on 10th February (see, I spelt it right)
Stuff downloaded from the original website, and saved on Word. Not up yet, but quite frankly, I've been promising to update for so long a few more days/weeks/months won't matter I guess. Sorry there's not much here yet. But SO THERE! Unless you want to make it for me, you'll just have to wait.
Didn't mean to be like that. But I've started.
Working on the helicopter section. Can't really be bothered to type a lot at the moment!
All the links on this page are working, but that doesn't mean there's anything there yet. Sorry, but you'll have to wait.
Mole Links
Who is the International Mole?
Beyond the Mole-a message board
The old Rhianna's Mole
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Other stuff
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