~Terms Of Use~
This is simple you can flip them, colourize them, reposition the limbs, erase the faces and draw your own, but you must link back to me on the page where the base is used, be it a text link, or linking the dolls,I don't care, but it has to be on the SAME page. Not on a seperate links page.
If you use one of my bases, and you would like your doll adopted, please, email me with your sites URL, and I will come take a look, most likely I will adopt it.
You cannot claim the base as you own, even if you have recoloured them, moved the limbs, drawn a new face etc, they are still mine.
Never display my bases 'As Is', or unclothed, others are to get my bases here, from me.
Do not use my bases in a dollmaker... EVER! They are here for your personal use only!
Do not direct link to anything on this site! Period, besides you won't be able to as geocities does not allow it.


~Moria Base~
My very first base! Four heads for the Moria base, or draw your own face!

~Pony Bases~