Dolls I have Adopted

~My Dolls~

Thanks for letting me use your base to do my layout out Hannah! Placed third in Hannah's Sweet Angel Base Edit Contest!
Playing around with Hannah's bases again, look a little genie girl! Another one of Hannah's bases again, had to play with the baby
Not quite sure what I think So she didn't win, oh well, I still like my pirate :P
DO NOT ADOPT ME, I was a gift.
Do Not Adopt unless you are a member of The Cabaret!>
<a href=Please Do not Adopt unless you were a member of Dolling Moms

Please Do Not Adopt!

Do Not Adopt, Currently in a Contest Do Not Adopt Currently in a Contest

Angel Dreamz won my services at auction on the Gold Rush, do not adopt
Dollie based off my 5 year old daughter, do not adopt

I can't remember where this base came from if you recognize it, please send me the url so I can link it properly.
lost the url for this base, please send it to me if you know it
Yup the cute litte pair for this layout, please do not adopt right now

again dumb me forgot to write down the url, HELP

Not for adoption, it is my new av for MM, base is an MM exclusive made by me

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