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Satya Karma Life In Sahaja Yoga

Robert Harrison O'Carroll

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Transformation of a LIFE
Sahaja( Born Within You) Yoga (Union with Divine)

Sahaja Yoga is a Living Process which changed my life. Consciously unaware of my intentions searching for a spiritual understanding, realizing there was something intangible about our self. Tried many avenues most where self-destructive. Intuitively began to cleanse the body and pursued physical fitness. Realizing that was not enough. The most challenging obstacle to the spiritual awakening was the EGO and Super Ego. Even simply to accept information from others or even to Attend a Sahaja Yoga meeting was a journey of Procrastination.

Finally took the challenge to attend a Sahaja Yoga meditation. It was awakening of immeasurable experience. To be thoughtlessly aware, at peace, and in tune with the Universal- Self. Had meditated before but the Kundalini (Sanskrit -Primordial Motherly Coiled Energy) was nott awakened fully and integrated. The Awakening of this Living Process could be felt with vibrations from the Major 7 Centres (Chakras or corresponding Plexuses), on my hands,body and feet. This Amazing development is possible for Everyone. Understand this process of raising the Kundalini was only the Beginning of this LIVING PROCESS. This Kundalini energy harmonized the centres. Meditation became part of my daily life. Meditation was flexible in nature - morning, evening or both. Eventually such serenity was found and could be easily integrated as part of daily activities so there was no separation between meditation and the regular working and family life.

The Teachings of SRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI were monumental and the experiences of this writer could not of been possible without them.