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Welcome to another edition of my website. I hope you stay awhile for a glance.

A little about myself: I am Rholu D. Augusto, 24 years of age, living together with my father, her wife and my brother in 441 Purok Santan, Punta, 6541 Ormoc City. I am the youngest son of the late Lucy S. Dolores. 

As a reminiscence, I won a dance contest when I was 5 years old at a nearby barangay festival. When I was 6 years old, I forced my mother that I be enrolled in a learning institution, that is, at an  elementary school; but, she told me I was not acceptable due to age prohibition, only 7 year-old are acceptable. I was enrolled that time and I got the highest prestige of honor in Punta Community School (Grade I First Honor). Until such time I graduated my elementary studies, I still got honors. When I went to high school, I was discouraged with my very low score in a placement test that`s why I was put second to the last section (which was section 10). 

It was not very important to me until my second year of high school when I joined for the first time a chambered theatre (The title of the literary piece is `Why Women Wash The Dishes`) that I took a validation exam and lift my self up to the highest section (which is section 1). That formative years made me sick, physically and mentally. 

My college years are very intriguing and very interesting to commemorate although I am still a continuing college student right now. I took up accounting course in 1996, but stopped and shifted to education course in 1998 because I had been hospitalized by the year 1997. I couldn`t believe I could stay at a hospital for a day or two. HaHaHa!!!

By the way, I am one among the registered eligibles in the Civil Service Sub-Professional Level. I was awarded with a `Certificate of Recognition`. By now another gift is given to me by God. I can`t believe I passed the TESDA Data Encoder Test, wow, To God Be The Glory!!! Praises and Thanks Be unto Him always....

To start up, I was a member before of a world-wide religious sect founded in Rome. I was by that religion for about 22 years, but now I have found my way, the old way that I should have trodden before. Well, thanks for the technology of men, I still have the chance to hear and listen to the everlasting gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

By now, I am a one among members of the Church of God International (Popularly known as Church of YHWH and YHWSA HMSYH). 

I would like to announce that in the year 2002 I already had established a legal business in the name of RHOLU`S REVIEW CENTER but only one took the advantage of my tutorial service. But before that legalization process, I already tutored some pupils with ages ranging from 5-12. By now, I work at TC INTERNET CENTER ( as a computer attendant), and I do hope that I can still continue my review center coz the expiration of my DTI permit will be on May 2007

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