Rhonda's Other Genealogy Quest


Hello, and "thank you" for checking out my husband's side of the family..
I actually started reseaching on family history with my husband's family first. I had heard that his aunt in Kentucky had the same interest in researching the family as I did. So with the little knowledge I had, her doing alot of research there in Frankfort, and her husband's memory. I'm pleased to say we managed to piece together quite a bit of information.
The rewards of sharing this mission together were an awesome experience for me. In July, the family and I had the pleasure of visiting with my husband's aunt, uncle and some other family members. We had a wonderful time. Also, during this process we made contact with another family member in Florida searching for family and information. In an effort to fill in the gaps we haven't as of yet and to share with other family members who are online, I thought this would be a nice way of doing so. As I said before feel free to send me email. I will respond to your kindness.
God bless!

"Sound not heard is silenced... history not recorded is lost."


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