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October 27th, 2004

March 29th, 2004

Peace be unto you and Grace from our Father in Heaven! I trust that you are
becoming more and more intimate with Jesus this year? I hope to post an awesome
study on the Song of Solomon that will help reveal the revelation of the Body
as Bride. The Lord truly cherishes each and every one of you, so much so that
He says He has to turn away from looking at us for we are so beautiful and ravishing
to Him. The Lord has talked to me more this year than ever in my walk with Him
and I know that we are on the cusp of tremendous tribulation and trials. There
will be a great deal of offendedness, of falling away - DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN TO
YOU beloved of God....go deep in the truths and revelations of the Spirit NOW while
grace still abounds
I was cleaning and getting rid of a bunch of stuff the other day and found momentos
from years past on the computer. There was a time when I'd met 100's of people online...
a few were very dear to me. I don't hear from any of them anymore, but they remain
in my thoughts and prayers. I miss them also and I want to extend an invitation
that lets you all know that I'll be here when things start happening according to
prophecy - I know that the Lord has made my home a safe haven and you are always
Kira recently graduated from High School with High Honors; Joshua is finishing his
freshman year, is also High Honor Roll, on the Junior Varsity Men's volleyball team
and a Hoosier Scholar. Joshua gave his life to Jesus in 4th grade; Kira in 2001!
God has big plans for them and I covet your prayers for them regularly. I am still
believing God for major blessings and I know that He is my source of all things
for it is written, "My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches and
Glory in Christ Jesus". Of course, I feel that Jesus IS my reward and my prize
and I am His. That's all for now - write to me at if you need
prayer. I love you in Jesus!
In His Unfailing Love,

November 27th, 2003

Greetings in the awesome name of Jesus!!! So much has
happened since July - yes, I got a computer and thought I'd post more, but we
didn't have the finances for an internet provider. We found one now that allows us
to pay monthly so when we can afford it, we'll be online! I pray everyone had a
blessed Thanksgiving? Kira came home in October after being gone one year,
so we were truly thankful! My friend and sister in Christ Diane came with her
three children - Diane was recently completely healed of terminal cancer
(PRAISE GOD!!) and her husband had to work. So I cooked and they ate and then
we all played was a nice evening! I have so much to share - God's favor
is truly abounding in our lives in all areas. Since He is no respecter of persons,
He will bless you too! If you've been waiting a long time for your miracles, travailing
and seeking Him for promises He's made - DON'T QUIT NOW. So many quit right
before the blessing - standing on that edge...He is faithful and true, His word is Yes
and Amen. Remember, it's not about what WE want - it's about surrendering our will,
our desires, our very lives, and beliving that our all-knowing, loving Father in Heaven
wants only what's best for us and then believing and trusting Him with all
that you are. He's delivered me from lawsuits; He freed my child; we never go
without and I've not had a job in 2 1/2 year; He has met ALL OF OUR NEEDS.
He's allowed me to minister healing and deliverence to others; allowed me to be an
encourager. I hear His voice, I spend time with Him....He is seeking intimacy. For
without KNOWING HIM, truly KNOWING Him we cannot stand in what is coming in
the days ahead. We're on the cusp...9/11 was nothing to what is in store.
Watch and pray. Don't forget to send me your prayer request. And I'm going to
try to make sense of the things of God on the rest of my page so you'll come
to know and understand the deep things of God. Peace be with you all...
In His Steps,

July 27th, 2003

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus! I can't believe I haven't posted
on here since February =O The Lord has been so good to us...I don't know
where to begin. WE WERE BLESSED WITH A COMPUTER!!! My other one
broke 2 1/2 years ago and the man that was trying to fix it sort of
blew it up *LOL* Someone just gave us a Dell - it's a bit older but hey,
if it works, it's a miracle! I'll write more in the week to come...I just
wanted to post a hello now so that my web page stays active!!
Peace & Love,

February 10th, 2003

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus! This is going to be an amazing year in
the Lord! As the ball dropped in Time's Square and it became 12:01 A.M. of 2003
(January) there was such a feeling of expectancy in my Spirit! This year is going
to be the year that the saints of God will get even closer to Him (if they so choose)...
it's a time for getting back in the Word and really studying and letting the Holy Spirit
reveal great depths/revelations; the Lord has revealed that He wants to show His love
to His children in a great way this year. I believe my children and I will come to
greater depths of His presence, greater blessedness. It is an hour for unity in the Spirit;
an hour for praising and worshipping our Beloved all the time. In my private times with
Him He's showing me how awesome He is. How much He loves me. The other day
He had someone give me a rose from Him. No greater love than this, friends. Some
friends came to my home and we let the Spirit of God reveal deep hurts that I didn't
even know existed...the pain just burst out of me and I was set free as He flooded me
with Himself to fill those places that were once wounded. Wow...God is so amazing.
He has me play some of the same songs to Him over and that He likes is
"Be still and know" by Steven Curtis Chapman. Awesome anointing. And let me
also say that the prophets and those seeking the truths of God and His timing are
saying that gross darkness is coming to Amerca. The Lord has said that His children
will be safe in His light during this time. Many have sensed that something is coming
in March. PRAY PRAY PRAY ... seek His face not His hand and rest in His
neverending eternal love.
I love you!

December 11th, 2002

Greetings in the name of Jesus! Praying that you are all doing well?
God is doing some amazing things isn't He? He's been taking me deep deep
deep and I'm growing in His grace and mercy. I hope to start doing things
in this page soon...I have so much to share. In the meantime, call me if
you need prayer. I'll believe God with you for whatever need you're facing
in your life!
Peace, Love & Blessings,

September 11th, 2002:

Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus! What an awesome week in the
Lord we just had when my bro Prophet Ken Peters came to town and shared the
Word of God from His own lips! Amazing miracles, words, and revelations
were shared and we're all looking forward to his return in December with
Tonja and the kids. I hope to start updating this page for good (all the links)...
I'm waiting for a release to start writing again from the Lord. I have so
many important messages, books and songs that I'd like to share with you!
Keep us in your prayers and we'll pray for you as well!
Peace & Love in Christ Jesus,
P.S. Happy Birthday to my old friend Bob!!!

August 10th, 2002:

Greetings in the name of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ! Yet again I've
been absent, doing what God wants me to do! This month I'm coordinating
Prophet Ken Peter's visit to our area...I can't wait to see where the Holy Spirit
will lead him! If any of you need to find me, I have a different email address: I pray that you are all well.
Peace & Love,

My Dear Friends,
It's been so long since I've spoken to many of you. Things have been busy for us
and I apologize for my absense. Most of you know that I re-dedicated my life to
Jesus Christ, and the road has been AWESOME! He's doing signs, wonders,
miracles, etc. in our lives while using us to do awesome things in the lives
of others. I've never been happier, and He is my entire life. He has gifted me
in the Prophetic, as well as in Healing and Deliverance. I've recently been invited
to go to Central America as well as around the United States with Prophets Ken &
Tonja Peters (awesome, dedicated, children of God!!). I hope the Lord opens up a door
for me to go along with them. Jesus Christ is doing some amazing things in Almolonga
and I want to experience them first-hand! I will start working on this page soon....
my computer has been broken for quite awhile and I'm waiting on God to open
a door for me to get another one. I want to use it for His Glory!
My thoughts & prayers are with you always.
Be Blessed!
His Servant,

(NOTE ON THE LAST ENTRY ABOVE: The trip to Almolonga never transpired. I had received a letter inviting me to go; when I mentioned it, I was told they did not remember inviting me...or, they didn't think I was who I was (meaning they thought they were inviting someone else....)

Who hath ears to hear, let him hear...

In His Unfailing Love,
His Messenger

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