FEBRUARY 5th, 2006

I greet you, Prince, in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. Every time I SEE you the Lord speaks to me about He has been chasing after you for so many years...for the 21 years that I personally have known Him, and as I have looked back at things you've done before that, for as long as I've seen anything you've done in the public eye, God has been chasing after you. You have truly represented and discovered parts of Him, but there is so much more.

I have many messages for you from Jesus Christ, and God the Father. This is NOT the message, it is a sort of 'introduction' if you will - an invitation to the message - because messages from God are precious and are not to be spoken to the multitude of eyes that could peruse this page - messages can be spoken against, cursed even - and that is not God's will, for that which God speaks forth is NOT to return unto Him void - therefore as His Messenger, the message from the King has a royal seal upon it - to be opened ONLY when I am in your presence and vice versa. It cannot be posted, emailed, read over the phone - I must decree and deliver it unto you in person. It is that important to the Lord.

Which means this cannot be about 'have your people contact my people'...I have no 'people'....Jesus represents me before the Father, I am indwelt by Holy Spirit, who is my best friend and my could of course contact them but if they were to get a message or a memo to 'your people' it would say, "We delivered our message to our Messenger...she must bring it unto you..." I have no earthly possessions or wealth so unless the Lord chooses to translate me to your front door (nor do I know where your front door is), you will have to come to me. And when you come, you will have to be 'stripped down' - meaning just the real you - humbly seeking the word of the Lord, no frills, no entourage. I welcome you to do a background check on me. You are welcome to do whatever you like. I can even give you references if need be. But remember....when the men in the Bible went unto the prophets, they didn't do reference checks--it checked out in their Spirit-man. They didn't come as famous people - even kings bowed low before God, humbling themselves enough to come to the prophet as just a man who seeks all that God has for him.

That is one of the things the Lord is going to reconcile about your life, Prince...this 'fame' thing. The Bible says we are to become less so that Christ can become more. We cannot do that if we think we are too great to be human (making His point here, not a judgment or an accusation)...being human is the least thing we have been asked to be...that piece of potter's clay, clay and water and dirt formed into a human house...ah, but inhabited by Almighty God - therefore if you are truly His and you truly believe all that His word speaks forth, you will trust Him to go and do as He calls out to you to do--especially trusting Him to protect you. Perhaps this will be a test of your faith, my brother. God is asking ALL believers in this hour to check their faith level - either you believe Him and His Word is all true, or you do not believe Him, calling Him a liar. If He says you can trust Him, DO YOU REALLY? If He says, GO AND GET MY WORD - do you think about it, trying to reason it out, weighing the pros and cons by worldly measures and standards, or do you look to His word and see that not only are His ways not OUR ways, but He has always done things the way He does them...meaning He is the same yesterday, today and forever...DO YOU TRUST HIM???

I thought the Lord's choice of backgrounds for this message fitting - after your performance on Saturday Night Live, most particularly the song, "Beautiful, Loved and Blessed", He kept me up all night speaking to me about you, about things He would like me to speak unto you on His behalf. When He was done talking to me, He then told me to pull out "Graffiti Bridge" because there were several things He wanted me to see. I must tell you here that I do not watch television nor do I watch movies - all things that I do are under the leadership of the Lord - what He says 'do' I 'do'. So the choice of the graffiti wall with a heart is from Him....

The Lord called me to be the one to speak these words unto you. Not to offend - you may know this - but when He chooses a specific prophet to deliver His message then that is the ONLY prophet who can release these particular words unto you and into your life. When the ordained message speaks prophetically to your future, only that prophet can decree it or release it (as I speak even THESE words He continues to weave a pattern of what He has spoken with what He has shown me...'release it...'). You will not be able to hear it from another - and if you choose not to hear it you will most likely never hear it.

'NEVER?', you may ask? Quite probably. Although sometimes the Lord will have mercy (after much repentance on your part) and allow a thing to be revealed or even come to pass - but what Wisdom has shown unto me is that it won't be AS good as it COULD have been, it won't be His FIRST, His BEST...the timing will be altered, off, thus causing blessings to be missed altogether or delayed...which I say unto you on His behalf IS NOT WORTH THE LOSES!!! Holy Spirit asks me to add, "Considering the hour in which we are living, time could run out before you could hear it at a future time".

God's word is ALIVE - His words are aflame - picture a comet streaking through the sky, or the space shuttle upon re-entry into the earth's atmosphere - be captured in the air before it falls to the ground and the fire goes out, grows cold.

'Why you?', you may ask (pointing to me) of His choice of mouth-pieces.... I don't ask Him such things, merely go and do what I am instructed to go and do and speak. I DO know that truly He uses the foolish things to confound the wise....

I DO also know that not everyone gets a prophet sent to them personally. It humbles ME to even think of His love for you that He would send me out of that great unfailing love that He has for you, so that you will hear and not miss all that He has ordained for you and your life in Him...what He asks of you is urgent.

He says unto you, "The greater the calling, the greater the sacrifice..."

He is asking me to re-post that which He had me speak on the main page here once more:

I am not a stalker, I don't write fan letters, don't have scrapbooks about you, don't follow the tabloids, don't have collectibles about you, don't even really watch movies (although I USED to LOVE movies); I don't know your middle name, I don't know your favorite color, I don't know what you eat for lunch the third Tuesday of the second week of every other month, I don't know where you live. I could care less about your money or possessions, I won't ask you for a thing except a few moments of your time(NOTE: in your case, Prince, it may take a bit longer than a 'few' moments because what He has spoken unto me for you is quite extensive!) because God hasn't CALLED me to be your personal prophet (like personal makeup person or hairstylist - I don't even know what they GIVE you guys.....) But whatever you have I DON'T need because MY TREASURE is Jesus and my riches are stored up in heaven. The things that the world have to offer are temporary - they can be stolen, rust, burned, flooded away, sucked up by tornadoes - none of it has any eternal value. Instead, I HAVE what YOU need. The KING OF KINGS and the LORD OF LORDS! (well, of course you can find Him in other places)...I'm merely a vessel He's calling out to you through....I am the one who has His message for you.

I'm just a person who met Jesus, fell in love with Him, and gave her entire life to be in His service. I'm not a 'lonely loser who doesn't have anything better to do with her time'...My dear God in heaven, I told God I needed/longed for more time with HIM and He took me out of the working world and I've been there at His feet ever since! It's heaven on earth! He is my Lord, I am His love, and He uses me to speak to many many hurting, lost, lonely, people (and even to those who don't realize that there is anything wrong with their current way of life!!!). I love HIM's about HIM, and HIS love for YOU, that leads me to do this out of obedience to HIM.

It's not about you for's about coming to you in His Love, for His purposes, for His glory. No one will ever speak the kind of truth to you that He will give to me to speak to you. The Bible says we get at least one chance in our lives to meet Jesus and accept what He has to offer. It's the offer of a lifetime, to hear what He has to speak to you personally. You may have a lot (by worldly standards) - but you don't have THIS....for He and His words are not something that canbe earned or purchased....He comes freely unto you and asks for your heart and your time freely in return. How terrible would love BE to force some- one to love you (can you even imagine it?) or obey or submit or surrender. Without you He longs for you. I'm telling you from the depths of my heart, from His heart to yours....He is in love with you and longs for you to know Him the way He knows you.

You KNOW what I'm talking about. You had a glimpse of that sort of commitment at some point in your life, else how could you create a character like 'Aura' (although portraying an angelic being) who proclaimed, "No, baby....HIS..." (as she points toward Heaven). I am merely one who is His. Perhaps that is why He chose me to speak to you - because He has in a sense revealed me to you a long time ago. You just haven't met 'me' in person.

And so your move. The invitation of the Lord has been set before you. You can email me at my main email: Once I figure out that it's really you, you can call my home or cell phone, and we'll work out a time that is convenient for you. My time is God's - I am always at His disposal.

Father, in Jesus mighty name, I thank You for Prince. I thank You that You have pursued him daily...that You are now changing him daily. I thank You that Your presence in his life is becoming more obvious. I ask You, Father, to do a perfect work in him - to crush and kill all that is of fame and self and the past, that he would nail his life and agendas and career upon Your cross, that nothing would matter but more of You...give him holy hunger Lord...draw him to Your heart, Your words, Your wisdom, Your revelations...give him dreams, visions, angelic visitations and trips into the heavenly realm, that his spiritual eyes would then truly be opened, his spiritual ears that he will, from this day forth, hear all that Your Spirit saith unto him and Your Bride in this hour...that he may be in tune with Your timing in this hour. Prepare this one for Your glory My King! May Your grace, mercy, peace, hunger, and love be unto him...may You protect Him with Your precious blood from the top of his head to the souls of his feet - SEAL that which has already been spoken unto him, and make a way for him to not only see this page, but to respond with a willing heart, running after YOU, chasing YOU...not being satisfied with less than ALL that You have destined for his life and walk with You on this earth and into eternity. I pray this in Jesus matchless name and for Your Glory! Amen and Amen.

In His Unfailing Love,
His Messenger

"Stop asking God to bless what YOU do, but become
involved in what God is doing because it's already blessed."
---Bono (February 2nd, 2006)

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