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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Hello and Welcome!

Yes, the latest in my at-home ventures is AVON! 
Aside from the regular brochure that we all are familiar with,  I was surprised and excited to discover that Avon offers additional product
lines including Avon Wellness and the new, very cool, meet mark line!
Knowing how busy we all are, I decided to offer a peak at my brochures online.  See the links below...Note:  the links are only meant to provide you with a look at the brochures in full, if I cannot get to you to give you an actual copy.  If you click to "order" while on the brochure site, you will end up ordering via their website and pay shipping, etc.

To Order:
1.  Select the brochure and corresponding campaign number to view the contents of the brochure. (Click on page to enlarge)  
2.  Write down the product number, price and quanity.
3.  Drop me an email.  It's that easy!

I am feverishly working on writing an "order form" for the website which you will be able to complete and submit to my email directly.  Until then, however, we will have to do it the archaic way :)

Orders are due by noon on the date noted next to the Campaign Number, and will be delivered to you by the following Wednesday.  Cash, check and credit card are all accepted.   Payment due upon receipt of product.

Please email me for more information:  rhondasavon@yahoo.com
April 5, 2004
6 & 7
April 5, 2004
7 & 8
April 5, 2004
April 19, 2004
"...celebrating the mark young women are making in the world."
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Introducing Avon's new Bright Teeth Whitener. NEW Soothing Mint Tea with Antioxidants and NEW Chakra Aromatherapy Kit, plus more.
Inspirational Treasures
...it is always springtime in the heart that loves God.