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Terms of use for Rhondas Graphics

Each set is just that, a set. The graphics made for each set
are only meant to be used with the coordinating backgrounds.
If you use them on other backgrounds they will look funny.

You are welcome to use any of my graphic sets for your personal
web pages ONLY. That's what there her for!! I hope you ENJOY using
them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Just a few other things:

PLEASE do not include my sets in any other collection!

PLEASE do not alter them in any way shape or form ~ one
exception, you may personalize the blank buttons provided
with the set. If you need anything else personalized email me
and I would be glad to do it.

PLEASE save any graphics you might choose to your hard

And last but NOT least:

PLEASE provide a link to my site, If you use any of my
graphics I have several logo's for you to choose from.

Thank you for understanding and respecting these requests.

NOW on with the Sets :o)