Huns Civ Bonuses: Team Bonus Unique Unit: Unique Tech:
The Huns are supposed to be a cavalry based civ, combining both heavy cavalry and cav archers. They lack champions so it is hard for them to dominate in imperial age. They have to rely heavily on their paladins and heavy cav archers in imperial age. Their real strength is in quick hit and run type attacks in early castle age. Their unique unit is very helpful in this respect because it takes down buildings with ease. The Huns preform very much like the Mongols and are very deadly when they are together on the same team. Their only econ bonus is not needing houses. This helps them out a lot in the early part of the game, but decreases in value as time goes on. Their unique tech in unknown at this time but Sandy says it is his favorite unique tech in the game.

The main advantage of the Huns is their speed, both in age advancement, production of units and of the units themselves. Their fast cav archers, heavy cavalry, and UU are great for raiding enemy towns. Their trebs are powerful as well.

The main weaknesses of the Huns is their reliance on mounted units, and lack of a powerful late game economy. They are very predicable.

Tech Tree: The Huns do not get the following: