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Koreans are a defence oriented civ. They must rely on their defences for the early part of the game, because of their slow economy. Koreans are one of the best "turtlers" in the game. Once they reach imperial age they become very deadly.

The Koreans have some of the best siege in the game. Their war wagon fills many of the same roles as the scorpion. It is great for providing their infantry with long range cover fire. They have little to fear from archer heavy civs, because of their high range onagers. Their fully upgraded onager has as much range as and elite longbowman. Their onagers have little to fear from enemy defensive structures, their range enables them to take down castles, town centers and towers with ease. Because of the Koreans powerful siege, the Celts make a very attractive ally.

The Koreans are a very powerful naval civ. Their Turtle boats are easily the most feared ships on the seas. Because the Turtle boats are so expensive and slow to produce, the Koreans can not rely on them alone. Turtle ships have a short range and cannot effectively attack land targets. Turtle ships can also be countered by enemy demo ships. Luckily the Koreans have several other support ships. They have to galleys to help them combat enemy demo ships, and cannon galleys for offshore bombardment.

The Koreans other strength is their defences. They are well suited to the "turtleing" strategy. Like teutons, the Koreans are better equipped to counter the early game rushes of other, faster civs. This is very important because the Koreans lack an early game economic bonus.

The main strengths of the Koreans are their powerful towers, powerful onagers, and their turtle boats.

The main disadvantages of the Koreans are their slow economies. Although they are good at defence, they are still vulnerable to a well placed rush. Their other weakness is that most of their main units are slow to train, have a slow speed and have a high price.

Tech Tree: The Koreans do not get the following: